30 Sexy Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Everyone Else in Between

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Are you looking for a sexy or naughty gift idea for that special someone in your life? Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary gift, or just because, this gift idea guide has something for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s browse through 30 sexy gift ideas that will help spice up your sex life.

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10 Sexy and Naughty Gift Ideas for Her

Are you looking for a little something to impress the special lady in your life? It doesn’t matter if you’re short on time, cash, or both, here are 10 sexy gift ideas that are a sure-fire way to help you score a few points on date night.

  1. Candle

Candles are the perfect gift because they serve multiple purposes in the bedroom. On one hand, they look nice as decoration, and on the other, their smell can have positive effects on the brain. According to WebMD, experts think aromatherapy works by prompting the release of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin. For example, a person who smells lavender might enjoy the scent because it makes them feel relaxed and less anxious. Similarly, in one study, researchers found that lavender helped improve sleep and ease depression. Scented candles offer neurological benefits and are also good for setting the mood. Dim the lights, burn a candle and see how the evening unfolds.

  1. Lingerie

Most women love fun and flirty underwear, but they don’t always splurge and buy it for themselves. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for sexy, affordable options. There’s something for everyone, from small online boutiques to large online retailers like Amazon. Pick a slinky teddy or a see-through baby doll nightie. Grab more than one and have your partner play dress-up later.

  1. Bath Oil

Soaking in a warm bath at the end of a long day is good for the mind, body, and soul. Like a lavender candle, lavender-scented bath oil is a great way to relax after a long day. With the relaxing scent of bath oils and warm water, everyone will be in the mood to spice things up even more. Head to the shower for a round of steamy shower sex – be sure to use our shower sex guide on which positions are best.

And always remember, if you’re playing around in the water during date night, you’ll want a long-lasting, silicone-based lube like ASTROGLIDE X Silicone Liquid.

  1. Massage Oil

Nothing says it’s time to relax like a sensual massage. To impress the lady in your life, pick up a massage oil or lotion to enhance the experience. To bring excitement to all kinds of sensual, intimate play, try using ASTROGLIDE O Oil & Massage Lotion. If you want to explore sensation play, Dr. Jess O’Reilly, ASTROGLIDE’s Resident Sexologist, has an entire blog dedicated to the topic. She mentions that “the addition of lube or massage oil offers a simple and fun segue into sensation play — from tingle and temperature to texture and movement and beyond,” so be sure to grab some massage oil and alter your senses.

  1. Perfume

Of the five senses, s­mell is one of the most important ones during sex. According to Psychology Today, smells have often been considered an aphrodisiac, so a nice-smelling perfume can actually lead to heightened feelings of arousal. If you want to continue playing around with sensation, Dr. Jess has some ideas for you. In her blog, she says that “research suggests certain aromas can aid in arousal. One study found that the smell of pumpkin, lavender, licorice, and even doughnuts are associated with more blood flow to the penis and circulation can promote sexual response, arousal, and orgasm.”

  1. Sex Toys for Her

Let’s be honest: everyone loves sex toys. That’s what makes them the perfect gift. With an overwhelming selection to choose from, start by asking a few questions:

  • What kind of sensation is she looking for?
  • Is it for solo or partner use?
  • What size does she want?

Once you’ve narrowed the search, you can take to the streets (or the internet) to find anything and everything you need. If you want some thought starters, browse our blog to find what you’re looking for.

  1. New Jammies

Not everyone loves lingerie, and that’s okay. Just because the lady in your life like cuddling up in something soft and fuzzy doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy together. A comfy new pajama set can be the perfect gift for cozying up on the sofa.

  1. Lube for Her

As researchers from Indiana University state, “most American women have used lubricant.” In one study, they found that women use lube for a variety of reasons, including “to make sex more comfortable, fun, and pleasurable and to decrease discomfort/pain.”

The best lube is the one that feels right for the individual person. Everyone has their own preferences, which is why ASTROGLIDE makes formulas that suit a variety of needs. For example, our Ultra Gentle Gel is hypoallergenic and provides a smooth, silky feel. Or try our Glycerin & Paraben Free Liquid for hydrating and soothing properties.

Can’t pick just one lube? Why not grab a bunch? You can also score a free sample on us. If you want to show her a truly mind-blowing night, you can start by reading up on female orgasms, including the differences between vaginal and clitoral orgasms.

  1. Lipstick

Want to get a little lippy? Buy her a bunch of lipsticks in various shades. It’s the kind of gift that just begs for some creative oral sex positions. If it’s chilly outside, throw in a few soothing lip balms, so her lips stay hydrated and moisturized.

  1. New Sheets

Okay, so bedding might not be the first thing that springs to mind when searching for a sexy gift but hear us out. Nothing’s better than sliding into a bed made up of crisp, new sheets. Choose some silk or satin sheets to increase the sexy factor even more. You’ll want to stay in bed all day, and hey, you might even ruffle the sheets a little.

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10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Him

Need a sexy gift for him? There’s no shortage of sexy gift ideas that will excite him in more ways than one, and we’re happy to give you some ideas of where to start. Whether you need a sexy gift for your boyfriend, husband, or a new flame, here are 10 sexy gift ideas for guys.

  1. Chocolates

We all know that chocolate is the way to someone’s heart, so grab an assortment of chocolates to sweeten his day. Not only does chocolate taste delicious, but it is also known to give your sex drive a boost. According to our blog, “it purportedly triggers the brain to produce norepinephrine (which gets your heart racing) and dopamine, a natural pleasure chemical that can work to increase libido. Try taking turns feeding each other some rich dark chocolate in the most seductive way possible. If nothing else, you’re still eating dark chocolate, and that’s a win in our book.”

  1. Beard Oil

Sure, not every guy has full-on Grizzly Adams facial hair, but beards have grown in popularity in recent years. The New York Times also reports that women are most attracted to men with heavy stubble. Whether your man has a soul patch, stubble, or a beard that would make a lumberjack jealous, beard oil is a self-care must.

  1. Gift Him a Sexy Sleepover

Not all gifts have to be material items. Some of the best gifts can be experiences that you can share together. This definitely isn’t the kind of sleepover you remember from childhood, if you catch our drift. Surprise him with a relaxing sleepover in the living room that starts with takeout, a movie, and maybe a drink or two. Then, dim the lights, give him a massage, and let your imagination take its course.

  1. Flavored Lube

Treat him to a sweet seduction of the senses with flavored lube like our sensual Strawberry Liquid. No matter if you’re giving or receiving, your intimate activities will taste and smell delicious!

  1. Boxers (or Briefs)

If your guy’s underwear drawer is looking a little ragged, it might be time for an underwear refresh. Buy him some new boxers, briefs, or maybe even something a little naughty, then have him model his new threads. The best part about buying him new boxers is watching him take them off.

  1. Make Your Own Photo Album

This isn’t the innocent photo album that you’re thinking of. Spice things up with some risqué photos that will make his jaw drop to the floor. Boudoir photos are a fabulous sexy gift but booking a professional photographer can be expensive. If you have a smartphone, however, you can easily create a boudoir album on your own.

You can use your phone’s delay settings at home to take photos of yourself in various sexy poses. There’s no photographer to worry about, so you get to be totally uninhibited. We promise your partner will appreciate it.

  1. Sex Toys for Him

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, everyone loves a sex toy. There’s often been a stigma surrounding male sex toys, but we want everyone to experience the pleasure that they bring. If you, or anyone you know, is hesitant about male sex toys, read our blog on why men should use sex toys.

If you’re not sure where to begin your search process, start with ASTROGLIDE’s male masturbation sleeve, Toy ‘n Joy FINISHER. With a ribbed interior and pressure-enhancing center ring creating just the right amount of friction and grip for sexual pleasure, he will be thanking you for years to come.

  1. Make a Sexy Coupon Book

If your budget is tight, you can still show your guy a good time with a sexy coupon book. Look for template ideas online, and then look for some basic art supplies. Make these coupons for items that he’ll be excited to use. Ideas include a free massage, you in the sexy outfit of his choice, or an evening in bed with his favorite dessert (and you on the side). For additional price-conscious date ideas, check out our blog.

  1. Lube for Him

We’ve all been there. You plan on buying the perfect gift and then completely run out of time. For a gift on a time crunch, consider buying a few bottles of his favorite lube. Not only will it show him that you’re in for a good time, but it’s a gift that benefits all parties involved. For a night he won’t forget anytime soon, try ASTROGLIDE X Silicone Spray ‘n Glide™ for a gentle, targeted spray lubricant that provides instant, precise, no-drip, less-mess application.

When you’re putting the gift to good use, try some new standing sex positions, clit stimulation positions, or hand jobs you can only do with lube.

  1. Grooming Tools

Take your man from zero to hero with some grooming tools to clean up his nether regions. Consider checking out Manscaped for an array of helpful tools, including skin and hair care products. If you really want to go all out, the Manscaped Platinum Package has everything your man needs to clean up and stay fresh all day long.

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10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Us

While it’s better to give than to receive, who says you can’t do a little of both? And hey, maybe gifts are your love language, and we’re just trying to help spark inspiration. Below are 10 sexy gift ideas that benefit both of you.

  1. Sexy Game

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that make you laugh first and then lead to sex. There are lots of games that are designed to make the bedroom a bit more playful. Consider checking out the Either Or Couples Card Game, Let’s Fucking Date, or Sex Dice. Don’t see one that speaks to you? Make up your own game, so it’s designed just for you!

  1. Bubble Bath

Nothing is quite as relaxing as slipping into a warm bath after a long day. The only thing that makes it even better is doing it with your partner. Grab some bubble bath with your favorite scent to make your relaxing night even better.

  1. Sex Toys

Enough said.

  1. Remote Controlled Vibrator

Did you know that remote-controlled vibrators are a thing? Well, if you didn’t, now you do! There are toys are controlled by a remote so they can be used anywhere, anytime. They are a great way to spice up dinner on the town or when you’re apart for any amount of time. There are a ton of options when it comes to remote-controlled vibrators, so we suggest doing research into what you want. Try browsing this blog for some inspiration!

  1. Sex Supplements

There’s no shame in taking care of your sexual health. We all need a little pick me up sometimes. Luckily, ASTROGLIDE Rocket Fuel™ is here to help. Rocket Fuel is a new Male Sexual Health Supplement created from a thoughtful blend of ingredients that supports a healthy sex drive in men. It’s specifically designed to promote sexual stamina, sex drive, and sexual performance while stimulating testosterone and libido. The best part is that the supplement contains Ashwagandha, which can promote performance and stamina in some individuals. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  1. Plan a Staycation

Sometimes we all need a quick escape from reality, and planning a staycation is the perfect way to do that. Book a hotel room in your city and plan an entire night around it. Start with drinks and dinner and then move things into the bedroom. If you really want to spice things up, you can engage in some role-play or kinky sex.

  1. Firm Pillows

Hear us out. Pillows are for more than just sleeping. Dr. Jess says that firm pillows “are perfect for discovering new positions.” She recommends piling them on the floor or using them to prop up your hips, legs or torso. “You’ll likely discover new angles of pleasure.” Now you trust us?

  1. Sleeping Mask

Sometimes, sensory deprivation can heighten the other senses. According to Dr. Jess, it can also eliminate other distractions in the bedroom, so you and your partner can focus on each other. Plus, waking up well-rested can lead to more energy in the morning and a higher potential for morning sex.

  1. Sex Bell

Ring, Ring! Time for sex! Buying your partner a sex bell is really a gift for both of you. Bored? Ring the sex bell. Excited? Ring the sex bell. Overwhelmed? Ring the sex bell. We aren’t saying that the sex bell cures all, but we’re not NOT saying that.

  1. Lube

It wouldn’t feel right to not include lube on the list of the best sexy gifts. After all, lube is the ultimate sexy gift. It’s great for all types of play, from hand jobs and blow jobs to massage and penetration. Lube really does spice up any party. You can find a full range of ASTROGLIDE products on Amazon – browse away!

Not sure which lube to choose to enhance your sex life?

Why not try them all? Get a free sample of ASTROGLIDE and let us know what you think by tweeting us @ASTROGLIDE.