5 Standing Sex Positions from Beginner to Pro, and Why We Love Them

By ASTROGLIDE Team Sex Tips standing sex positions

There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned missionary position romp in the sheets, but sometimes you need something new and exciting in your sex life – and there are few things hotter than an “I need you right this second” standing sex session. Maybe the mood strikes while you’re in a small closet space, or you’re looking for a little shower sex, or extra excitement on your night out and the only space nearby is a bathroom stall. There are plenty of reasons why incorporating a standing sex position should be part of your sex life, but it can be intimidating if it’s the first time for you or your partner.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with 10 of our favorite standing sex position tips for every experience level:

sex whjle standing

The Stand and Receive  

Foreplay is an important part of building excitement and getting the juices flowing if you know what we mean. And there’s no exception for standing sex. Start with one partner standing with their legs shoulder-width apart, and the other partner kneeling in front of them. The kneeling partner‘s mouth should be just the right height to deliver an out-of-this-world oral sex experience, and the standing partner’s legs can bend their knees or thrust their hips to maximize the angle of contact and control their pleasure. And for those who like to take charge, the one standing gets an exciting sense of dominance watching their partner kneel to deliver the pleasure.

While this is one of the easier standing sex positions and doesn’t require much support for either partner, it’s a good idea to place a folded towel or pillow under the giving partner‘s knees. That’s especially important if they’re kneeling on a hard surface like wood or concrete floors.

the leg up sex position

The Leg-Up  

Now that you’re ready to get down to business, here’s a great starter position to try. Both partners should face each other, with the giver’s feet shoulder-width apart and the receiver’s feet together. The receiver then wraps one of their legs around their partner during penetration, while the giver holds their leg and hips for added support. If you’re having trouble maintaining balance, the receiver can also stand with their back to a wall so the giver can thrust as hard as you want without sending you both flying.  

There are lots of benefits to this standing sex position, but first and foremost it provides an especially intimate experience with your faces so close together. If the receiver is a woman, it also allows her to grind her pelvis on her partner for added clitoral stimulation. And if you’re extra flexible, the receiver can put their leg up on their partner’s shoulder for some seriously deep penetration.   

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The Upstanding Citizen  

Now that you’ve mastered the Leg Up, it’s time for the next step. Once again, both partners begin by facing each other, only this time the receiving partner jumps up and wraps both legs around their partner. It’s similar, but the receiver doesn’t have a leg to stand on (literally) so all of the support and balance will need to come from the giver. To help support one another, however, the receiving partner should keep their legs tightly wrapped around their partner’s waist (you can even hook your feet together behind their back) and the standing partner should hold the receiver up by firmly grasping their butt – and what’s not to like about that 😉  

This standing position requires some strength and coordination, but remember, you don’t need to do it your entire sex session. Just a few minutes can be enough before you get horizontal. It also offers some amazing benefits for both partners – the receiver surrenders control almost completely to focus on their pleasure, which the giver can control the pace, angle, and depth of penetration however they want.   

doggy style

The Standing Doggy Style  

You can probably guess what this next position looks like, but there are some helpful tips to keep in mind before you try it out in the bedroom (or the closet, behind the car, or wherever the mood strikes). This position also works for outdoor sex. To start, both partners should stand one behind the other, facing the same direction. The receiver then bends forward while keeping their legs mostly straight, so the giver can enter from behind. The receiver can choose from several positions while bent over, including hands-on knees, hands on the floor, or if you’re feeling rough and wild, hands behind so the standing partner can hold their wrists for hard and fast thrusting.  

Like the more traditional kneeling doggy style, its standing counterpart offers lots of variations to change the angle or tightness of penetration. For example, the receiver can raise or lower their hips slightly to hit just the right spot. Likewise, spreading the receiver’s legs farther apart offers more stability for faster or deeper penetration, but holding their legs together will tighten their entrance and maximize friction for both partners. You can play around and experiment with what you enjoy most!  

standing 69

The Standing 69 

This last one is one of the more difficult positions in terms of both strength and balance, but if you can pull it off, we promise the benefits are sworth it. Rather than standing, start with the stronger partner sitting on a chair or other surface they can easily get up from. The second partner stands on the surface behind the first and folds themselves over the top of their partner so their head is in the sitting partner’s lap (the second partner’s upper half should be upside down with their thighs resting on the first partner’s shoulders.) Now the stronger partner slowly stands up while both partners hold the others’ waist, and the upside-down partner wraps their legs loosely around the standing partner’s neck for support.  

Similar to the Upstanding Citizen, the person standing will need to fully support their partner’s weight, but holding on to each other will reduce the strain on their legs and back. Once you’re in position, both partners have can both give and receive some amazing oral pleasure – and the upside-down partner can even use one of their hands for extra stimulation. No doubt the standing 69 can be tricky, but it also offers the added excitement of one partner receiving oral in an entirely new way and requires both partners to hold tightly to each other throughout, maximizing the contact and heat between you. 

So, ready to give them a try? Remember to take things slow if you’re just starting out, but why rush a good thing, right? We promise, with the right practice and position, your horizontal orgasms are about to get a lot more vertical.