Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Sex

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Try the standing doggie position.

Whether you’re on the beach, in the woods, or way out in the desert, this versatile position helps to keep the sand, dirt and dust farther away from your most sensitive body parts. The partner in front can lean up against a tree or bend over and hold onto their knees for stability.

Pitch a tent.

If the sand, sun or bugs are too distracting, a tent may be the perfect solution. Enjoy all of nature’s sensual beauty — from the soft breeze to the sounds of the forest — without the full exposure.

Get wet. outdoor lesbian sex

Don’t let the rain get you down. Get outside and enjoy the tingling sensation of cool rain on your hot bodies. If the clouds aren’t cooperating, you can always relish in the challenge of peeling off wet layers of clothing and get creative with car washes and sprinklers.

Dress the part.

You don’t have to strip down completely to enjoy sex au naturel. Go commando or wear drawstring pants to ease access and increase your chances of getting it on outside of the bedroom.

Pack an outdoor sex kit.

You can’t always plan for love on the road, but you can certainly be prepared. Throw a blanket, natural insect repellent and lube in your trunk at the start of the season just in case the mood strikes you while you’re on the road. Comfort is key to any sexual experience, so if an extra blanket or baby wipes will help to put you or your lover at ease, toss them in your kit.

Have sex on a balcony.

It doesn’t get much hotter than sex above the crowds and beneath the glow of moonlight in the city. Balcony sex offers the best of both worlds: the thrill of exhibitionism and the security of knowing that you can always slip inside if the exposure feels too intense. If you don’t have a balcony, consider requesting an upper level room at a hotel or make use of your back porch — just be sure to turn off any outdoor lighting.

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Sex

Get all riled up before taking it indoors.

If you simply can’t resist the comfort of your Egyptian cotton sheets, you can still indulge in the thrills of outdoor sex. Go for walk in your neighborhood and slip into a secluded park or lane way for some heavy making out. Touch and kiss your partner beneath their clothing and allow yourselves to get a little randy before retreating to the privacy and comfort of your own home. By the time your get back, you may be so overcome with desire that you forgo your high thread count sheets in favor of the cold floor of your entranceway.

Check your local laws.

Our fans span the globe from Madrid to Albuquerque and we know that laws regarding nudity and sex vary across state lines. No sexual encounter is worth a ride in the backseat of a cop car, so pick locations that minimize exposure and risk.

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