Why Men Should Use Sex Toys

By ASTROGLIDE Team Sex Tips couple's hands clasped in bed near sex toys

Did you know that 46.5% of men have never experimented with sex toys? Well, in ASTROGLIDE’s recent sex & relationship report that surveyed 2,000 respondents, we found that men are way less likely to pick up a sex toy than their female counterparts. Not only that, but men are also almost 25% less likely to use an adult toy during solo masturbation.

That’s an overwhelming percentage of men who have never experienced the pleasures that come with using a male sex toy. Unfortunately, a stigma surrounds the idea of men using sex toys for too long, forcing people to avoid the pleasures that could be. What’s the deal with that?!

As a society, we must move past the stigma surrounding adult toys and allow men to experience all that sex toys have to offer. Whether using the toy during solo or partnered sex, the toys have more benefits than what meets the eye. It’s important to tackle the stigma around men using sex toys because, in the end, those who aren’t using them are just missing out.

Before we jump into the world of male sex toys, we want to ensure that everyone feels empowered to use toys to practice self-pleasure and positive stimulation. In this article, specifically, we are referring to people with penises and male-identifying people when talking about “men.” None of this is to say that the benefits of self-pleasure do not translate to others and that the topics that we will discuss are only applicable to straight men or gay men – this is for all men. We always hope to empower all people with every type of body to engage in whatever self-love makes them feel the best.

So, without further ado, why should men use sex toys? Let’s dive into the benefits, tips, tricks, and everything else in between.

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There are endless benefits for men who use sex toys, from improving overall health and self-confidence to expanding one’s knowledge of sex. No matter how or why anyone chooses to pick up a sex toy for the first time, we have a feeling that they will pick it up again and again and again.

Male Sex Toys and Solo Play Improve Overall Health

As if male masturbation couldn’t get any better, there are endless mind and body benefits to using men’s sex toys that sweeten the deal. As Dr. Justin Lehmiller, ASTROGLIDE’s Resident Sex Researcher, once said, “frequent masturbation can actually be a sign that your sex life is really good!” Men should not shy away from introducing toys into their masturbation sessions but rather welcome the practice into their lives.

Some of the key benefits of masturbation, as outlined by Dr. Justin in his blog on The Benefits of Self-Pleasure, include the following:

  • Masturbation is good for your physical health: Research suggests that masturbation that leads to climax can boost the immune system and help fight off infections.
  • Masturbation is good for your mental health: Those who masturbate more frequently have an easier time falling asleep, have less stress, and experience relief from boredom and loneliness.
  • Enhance sexual self-confidence: Knowing what makes you feel good and what makes you feel more confident in the bedroom means that you’re more likely to ask for what you want when engaging in partner play.

man seated in chair holding a sex toy

Expand Your Horizons with Men’s Sex Toys

Whether you plan on using a toy for the first time during solo or partnered play, there is an opportunity to expand what you think you know about sex – and your sexual capabilities. It’s easy to get into a sexual rut or think that you’ve discovered everything there is to know about sex, but that’s the perfect time to introduce sex toys into the mix. Not only are there plenty of options to choose from, but they can create new sensations that haven’t been experienced before. On the contrary, it’s always important to set boundaries when it comes to sexual experiences and to only introduce toys when and how you feel most comfortable.

Improve your Sexual Talent

If you’re not already convinced that using a sex toy can help improve your sexual pleasure, then maybe this will help. According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, sex toys can help men improve their sexual performance. His blog on Sex & Psychology shares that “men who use sex toys report that, overall, it improves their sexual experiences [1]. Male sex toy users also report better sexual functioning. Specifically, research has shown that sex toy users report better erectile function, better orgasmic function, more intercourse satisfaction, and more sexual desire [2].”

In ASTROGLIDE’s survey, 65.2% of male respondents noted that they sometimes or often struggle with low libido. So, knowing that the majority of the men we surveyed struggle with low libido, introducing sex toys into the bedroom can be one way to decrease the percentage of those experiencing low libido and increase pleasure and orgasms.

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How to Shop for Sex Toys

Buying a sex toy for the first time can be intimidating and completely overwhelming. There’s no right way to shop for your first toy, but there are a few ways to make the process easier for yourself.

  • Do Your Research: There is a wealth of knowledge on the different types of male sex toys available online — all at your disposal — so do your research to find the toy that calls your name. There are endless guides online to introduce you to the wonderful world of male masturbators. Consider reading our blog on couple sex toy options or this guide on sex toys for beginners from AskMen.
  • Shop Online: If the idea of shopping for a sex toy in-store is unsettling, the internet is a great place to ease those feelings. You can find endless options online, all in the privacy of your bedroom. Not sure where to start online? Read through our complete guide to sex toys for some ideas.
  • Start Simple: When first shopping for a sex toy, you will be introduced to a whole new world. There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos that will make you feel some type of way, but sometimes it’s good to just start with the basics. There’s always room to upgrade to a more intricate toy later but starting simple is a safe introduction into the sex toy space.
  • Make it a Date: There’s no reason why shopping for your first sex toy (or any number thereafter) shouldn’t be a fun (and even sexual) experience. Plan a date night with your partner and pick out a toy that you can use together. This way, you won’t be alone in the experience and can pick something that will feel amazing for both of you. If you need ideas for toys that benefit both parties, consider cock rings, or better yet – consider a vibrating cock ring, which is “worn around the penis, often come with attachments designed to stimulate the woman’s clitoris while enhancing the male partner’s sensation.” That way, everyone’s reaping the benefits!

Since this is a blog all about male sex toys, it’s only right that we share our favorite toy with you to get you started on the right foot. Toy ‘n Joy Finisher, the male massager and stroker from yours truly, is a crowd favorite for all levels of experience. The easy-to-hold textured exterior, ribbed interior, and two different-sized chambers made from super stretchy durable rubber ensure the perfect finish every time. Not only that, but The Finisher also has a center ring that can be squeezed to increase pressure. Don’t just take it from us, though. Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, ASTROGLIDE’s Sexual Health Advisor has a lot to say on the topic:

“The Toy ‘n Joy Finisher is a product that I would recommend to many of my patients. Whether it be to enhance pleasure while they are alone or with a partner, the  Finisher, with its ribbed interior and pressure-enhancing center ring, can help turn up the heat in the bedroom. The massager has tons of cool features, but the ability to choose different-sized chambers to achieve the perfect fit is one of my favorites. Additionally, the Finisher can be a useful tool for people who suffer from ejaculatory dysfunction.  Both those who ejaculate too quickly and those for whom it takes longer than they would like can use a massager like the Finisher to provide the right amount of stimulation to help normalize their ejaculatory experience over time.”

Dare we say it’s the best sex toy on the market? If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment for the Finisher, look no further and pick up a bottle of water-based, toy-safe lube to make all your wildest dreams come true.

We hope that all men feel empowered and inspired to pick up a toy and give it a whirl during solo play. After all, sex toys are the best thing since sliced bread. If you’re still struggling to overcome the stigma that surrounds them, just remember that there are real benefits to picking up a toy for the first time!


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