Best Positions for Female Orgasms


Ladies, raise your hand if you’ve ever left a sexual encounter feeling less than satisfied. 🙋‍♀️ Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In a recent ASTROGLIDE survey, more than 87% of women shared they are not experiencing an orgasm as often with their partner. While we know it’s about the journey of exploring along the way, it’s also just as nice to reach the final destination (i.e. orgasm), so we’ve tapped into our resident sexologist, Dr. Jess O’Reilly and her book “The New Sex Bible” to truly understand what the best sex positions are for female orgasm. 

The Big O & Your Body

The first thing to know before we dive into sex positions for female orgasms is that an orgasm can be achieved in three ways: clitoral, vaginal, cervical — or even a mix of all three. Dr. Jess also shares, “We often refer to a woman’s genitals as her vagina, but for many women, it is the vulva from which they derive the greatest experience of sexual pleasure.”

According to a recent Healthline article, every body is different, which means each orgasm is different as well, with some being more intense, lasting longer or are wetter than others. But, the signs that physically happen during an intense orgasm are similar, including:

  • Rapid contractions of the vagina and uterus 
  • Involuntary muscle contractions in areas like your abdomen and feet
  • Quickened heart rate and breathing 
  • Increased blood pressure 

best positions for female orgasm

The 5 Sex Positions For Reaching Orgasm

According to Dr. Jess, playing with new positions is one of the easiest ways to spice up your sex life and discover new orgasmic sensations, so try these five best sex positions for female orgasm. 

Marry Me 

Romance is still alive, but orgasms make it better than ever! In this sex position, he not only gets down on one knee, but the angle of penetration ensures that the tightest part of her vagina wraps around his sensitive corona as his hard shaft massages her sensitive clitoris.

Set It Up

  • He gets down on one knee and slides the other leg out to the side in a bent position. 
  • The foot of the bent leg should be planted firmly on the mattress.
  • She also kneels on one leg and throws her other leg over his bent knee. If there’s a significant height difference, she can use pillows beneath the knee she’s kneeling on.
  • He slides inside and they thrust toward one another in opposing rhythm.

Change It Up

Try this one from behind in a modified doggie style:

  • He remains in the same position, but she turns and places her hands flat in front of her.
  • Keeping one knee planted, she throws her other leg back over his to create a welcome invitation for his eager cock.


As your bodies form the shape of a T, this unique angle creates a sensation like no other with minimal exertion on your part. Perfect for those lazy Wednesday nights when you need your sexual fix but don’t have the energy to hang from the chandelier.

Set It Up

  • Lie on her back with your knees bent and feet spread apart flat on the mattress.
  • He lies on his side at a right angle to her body (to form the top of the T) and slides his body under the bridge of her bent legs. She presses her hips up slightly as he slides in from beneath her. 
  • As they rock and thrust in rhythm, their fingers can dance over her clit, or they can hold hands and gaze into one another’s eyes.

Change It Up

  • A slight hip tilt by either partner can create a wave of new sensations as the head of his cock alternates between thrusting against her G-spot and pressing against her lower wall to provide anal stimulation. 
  • This not only changes her experience of the T-Bone, but he also benefits from the differing textures of her upper and lower vagina against his highly sensitive head and corona. 

best sex positions

Rock Away

A variation of the classic Scissors position, Rock Away is the ideal rear-entry setup for the often elusive mutual orgasm during intercourse. He gets a tight grip around his shaft, and she benefits from a frenzy of friction against the entire length of her vulva.

Set It Up

  • He sits upright against the headboard with his legs outstretched.
  • She lies on her left side in his lap, facing away from him, with her butt pressed against his cock.
  • She scissors her legs open and slides her left leg under his right leg to straddle it between her thighs.
  • Leaning on her left elbow for support, she slides back onto his cock as his hands guide her hips.
  • She can pop over him back and forth, round her hips in an elliptical motion, twist sideways with care, or slide up and down to grind against his pelvic bone for extra friction.

Change It Up

  • You can transition to the challenging Side-Saddle
  • Cowgirl position if he lies back and she sits upright into a squat or half-split position.


Butt Buddies

This challenging position for penetrative sex has it all: The excitement of rear-entry, the mystery of “blind sex,” the sensual bumping of butts, and the option for dual stimulation of her G-spot.

To facilitate entry, be sure to angle your hips upward so that his penis doesn’t bend at an uncomfortable angle. Since penises can and do break (the tunic that encapsulates the spongy erectile tissue can tear), take care to alter the Butt Buddies position as needed.

Set It Up

  • She lies flat on her stomach with her head in the upper right corner of the bed.
  • He lies on his stomach on top of her with his head kitty-corner to hers in the lower-left corner of the bed. 
  • His legs stretch out on either side of her, and their positioning deprives them of eye contact and the exchange of facial expressions to facilitate “blind sex.”
  • They both pop their hips upward far enough for his penis to angle backward comfortably and slide inside.
  • Gradually, they slide away from one another simultaneously and then back toward one another, allowing their butts to bump gently as they find their perfect rhythm.

Change It Up

Butt Buddies leaves the possibilities wide open for alterations and additions:

  • Ladies: Slide your hand down to your lower abs and press on your G-spot from the outside for dual stimulation.
  • Gents: Kink it up and press your feet into her cheeks or the side of her neck as you play with subjugating dirty talk.
  • Ladies and gents: Take advantage of the distance between you to lock into a hot, teasing role in which you’re perfect strangers enjoying a casual but raunchy one-night stand.

Sexy Splits 

Finally, the flexibility she has developed in yoga class pays off! Perfect for supple bodies, the Sexy Splits position makes deeper penetration perfectly targeted as she winds her hips and curves her body. But he’s not just along for the ride. He can plant his hands on her hips to guide his cock into her cul-de-sac or pull her close for some passionate kissing.

Set It Up

  • He lies on his back with his legs spread, and she climbs on top, facing him.
  • Balancing on one knee between his legs, she places her other foot flat on the mattress next to his shoulder so that she assumes a partial lunge position.
  • She can use her hands to help balance her body, and he can offer additional support beneath her hips or butt.
  • Using her hands to guide his cock inside her, she rides away, curving her hips in large oval motions and grinding her vulva against his mons.

Change It Up

  • In keeping with the workout theme, she can slide her other foot up to land in a supported squat position with a simple swing of the leg. 
  • She can also change legs to ease the pressure on her hip and knee and alter the angle of penetration.

female orgasm

While each woman will have their own preferences and definition of sexual pleasure, there’s always an opportunity for exploration to truly understand what positions and techniques work for them to reach ultimate pleasure. And, of course, the addition of ASTROGLIDE lube is always a fun way to change things up, too! 



Dr. Jess O’Reilly “The New Sex Bible”