The 9 Best Places to Have Sex

By ASTROGLIDE Team Sex Tips bunnies having sex

Spring is here! And with it, comes that sense to ‘spring clean’ and refresh parts of your life. This is, of course, the perfect opportunity to give our sex lives a refresh too. And really, could you expect anything else from us?  

ASTROGLIDE is here to put some springtime life back into lovemaking with your partner. So, let’s make our sex lives as colorful as this time of year. We know life gets busy, but that is no reason to settle for a dull sex life. That’s why we are giving you some new sex destination ideas to keep things spicy! Even if they’re classic adventure spots, you might not have taken them for a spin yet so here’s your chance! 

If you follow us on Twitter, you probably saw our version of March Madness take place: our sex beyond the bedroom bracket. We narrowed down the hottest spots to get it on and let our followers vote to choose the top spot. From car sex to shower sex, and even sex on a football field, we covered everything. So, without further ado, the 2022 sexiest place to get it on is in the shower! In this blog, we’ve included our thoughts on the champion sex spot as well as a couple of other finalists, along with our favorite sex position for each spot. 

Note: Some of these sexual activities might be easier said than done. This is a sexually adventurous list to help you get creative in a new and fun way. Figure out what works best for you and your partner(s), even if that means just fantasizing or role-playing about a certain location. If you are between sexual partners right now, a change of scenery can be fun for solo sex too! 

Here are the 9 best places to have sex for both men and women (in no particular order): 

 1. Living room 

First and foremost, sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones we often forget about. Run those horny booties from the bedroom over to the living room for some sexual activity! There will already be a handful of props at the ready. Hop on that couch with one person sitting and the other grinding and bouncing on top or bend your partner over the arm for some deeper access. If you have a nice couch, grab a chair for an intense and intimate round. There is so much room to play when you use a chair for added intimacy. You can mess around with heights, bondage, and positions for whatever sexy vibe you want. And if you can’t even make it to the furniture, get busy right there on the rug. 

Recommended sex position: Chair Sex. Our Resident Sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly says that: 

A regular dining chair can be great for riding and straddling a partner. A high-top stool or chair may be perfect for standing oral (with the receiving partner seated). A chair with arms is perfectly designed for tying down your wrists. And of course, you can also tie them down at their ankles or use a blindfold to tease and build sexual desire and anticipation. 

2. Car 

The tried-and-true sex venture outside the home is no doubt the car. Just because it is a classic choice, that does not mean it has to be boring. Depending on the type of car and riders, there will obviously be some goofy maneuvering in the backseat to maximize sexual satisfaction. Instead of having cramped and limiting car sex, take it to the hood of the car for full freedom to rev your partner’s engine. If you’re working with a truck, the bed of it obviously takes the whole experience to another level. Don’t forget to park somewhere you’ll be alone…or not.  

Recommended sex position: Backseat Doggy. Just like it sounds, doggy style can work great in the backseat since no one’s legs need to be extended


car sex

3. Staircase 

For the apartment lovers that need a change of scenery or a new sexual experience, we have a question for you. Are you taking the stairs lately? If not, you should and have an impromptu sex sesh in that stairwell while you’re at it for double the cardio *wink wink*. Brace yourself or your partner on that handle rail and get busy before someone else decides to skip the elevator.  

Recommended sex position: The Ballet Dancer. This is a prime opportunity for a standing position and with the ballet dancer simply needing the bottom to wrap their leg around the top’s body and pull them in, this is a great position for a hot quickie.  

4. Train 

We couldn’t decide which was better for adventurous sex, the mile high club or the mile post club, so we put it to a Twitter vote. The results speak for themselves and now we know why it’s actually called the railway. Try to find an empty car or head into the bathroom for a quickie and get railed over the tracks.  

Recommended sex position: Restroom Attendant. If you’re going to sneak away to the train bathroom, it’s only fitting you try this one. Being able to look in that bathroom mirror will add an extra layer of excitement as you explore this sexually adventurous position. 

5. Rooftop 

What’s more incredible than dreamy sex under a starry night sky? Absolutely nothing. The best part about this type of outdoor sex is there are no witnesses unless you count the random bird or plane. They wouldn’t care anyway. Make it a dark and sultry picnic; grab that blanket or any prop you want to use and hightail it up to the top of the building! If you don’t have access to a roof but a balcony is available, use it as your substitute to experience sexual satisfaction under the stars. Wrap some twinkling lights on the balcony for some extra “stars.”  

Recommended sex position: Spring Surprise. In Cosmo’s 8 Spring Sex Positions, Dr. Jess says: 

You might prop your leg up on patio furniture as you face one another and enjoy an intimate moment with a little eye contact, or you can lie down on a towel or mat on the balcony so that no one can see what you’re up to…The balcony offers the perfect balance of both privacy and risk – making it the perfect spot for adventurous sex; you can always slip inside if you feel there may be eyes on you, but if you keep the lights and volume down low, no one will be the wiser. 

6. Shower 

Serving another classic for your sex life. Steamy shower sex can always sound good at first for both men and women, but not always be as sexy as you think it will be. You would think, the wetter the better, but in this case that could introduce a problem. With water working against your natural lubricant, your sexy time could come to an end before you want it to. That is where ASTROGLIDE X LiquiGel comes in!  

Recommended sex position: Stand and Deliver. The receiver bends at the hips and the giver uses the hips as handles while they can strongly thrust. This can help with a positive sexual experience when trying out this position.

shower sex


 7. Backyard 

Want to feel wild and free but don’t want to actually go into the wild to satisfy your sexual desire? Honey, that backyard should do just fine. Strip down and release yourself surrounded by nature. If it’s relatively private then you’re in luck, if it’s visible to others we have a solution. Dive behind the bushes or better yet set up a tent for a “sleepover” after the kids (or dogs) are asleep. You can rough it with each other while you’re pretending to rough it camping. If you want to get it on outside but not roll around in the grass, push your partner up against the side of the house and take them right there.   

Recommended sex position: Pitch a Tent. Pretty self-explanatory but perhaps consider a spooning style and experiment from there.  

romantic tent in backyard

8. Hike 

If down and dirty is your style, we have the spot for you. Ever had sex deep in the woods or on a mountain overlooking spectacular views? We highly recommend it for a thrilling change from the bedroom to experience enhanced sexual pleasure. Make sure to be far enough away from the used path for some privacy and find a spot that suits you for whatever positions you have in mind. A good lookout position is magical for an extra *oomph* to the whole experience. Into a different kind of scenery? Set out for a waterfall and have a mystical time under the running water. Don’t forget your ASTROGLIDE X LiquiGel we mentioned.  

Recommended sex position: Standing O. One kneels while the receiver rests their leg over the kneeling’s shoulder and enjoys all the different amazing views while they climax. 

9. Kitchen 

Oh baby we all know the heat is in the kitchen! Add some extra spice to your dinner and hop on that counter or island top. Dessert can come before dinner sometimes, we’re all adults here. Eat your partner while your food is cooking. If your counters are the right height, you or your partner can use them to hold onto while you play around with some standing sex. Don’t forget to set a timer for the other meal! Raid your fridge for some whip cream and strawberries to make dessert even sweeter. If you like it a little rough, grab a (clean) spatula or whatever cooking utensil you like and give/ask for a spank.  

Recommended sex position: Spring Cleaning. Dr. Jess recommends: 

One partner stands in front of the cupboard and reaches their hands up to hold onto the shelf (or the fridge you prefer). The other partner slides inside from behind. Relish in the sexual pleasure the full-body contact allows, and leave the actual cleaning for another day. 

couple kissing in kitchen