Stocking Stuffers for Adults to Heat up the Holiday Season

By ASTROGLIDE Team Holidays Stocking hung

It’s the season of giving, and once you’ve found perfect big gifts for the holidays, it’s time to turn your attention to the little extras. Adult stocking stuffers deserve just as much thought as every other gift, and when done right, they can even be the star of the show. 

To step up your stocking stuffer game, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of pleasure, because the holidays aren’t only peak gift-giving season, they’re also a time when people’s sexual interests are at an all-time high. According to ASTROGLIDE’s Resident Sex Researcher, Dr. Justin Lehmiller: 

Research shows that sexual desire and activity ebb and flow throughout the year, but one of the biggest peaks that occurs takes place right around the winter holidays—especially that period between Christmas and New Year’s Day. There are a lot of potential reasons for this, such as the fact that people tend to have more time away from work. Of course, people often also attend more parties and have a few more drinks, too. 

Ready to step up your stocking stuffer game this year and add a sexy flair? We’ve compiled a list of stocking stuffer ideas to get you started. Whether you’re looking for a pleasurable gift for your partner, a friend, or even yourself, this list of stocking stuffers for adults is sure to heat up the holiday season.

Sexy stocking stuffers

Here are our top picks for the best stocking stuffers. Can’t decide which to choose? Get a bigger stocking 😉 

1. Make it wet

Because we can’t go too long without talking about the benefits of lube, a bottle of your favorite personal lubricant is an easy gift to include in a stocking. Whether you’re looking for something to spice up the bedroom routine, experience a new sensation, or simply make sex more pleasurable, there’s never a better time to give the gift of lube.  

It’s something that can be used with a partner or for solo play, so you really can’t go wrong, no matter who the stocking stuffer is for.  Not sure which lube to gift? Check out our guide to the best lube for every occasion to help you with your decision. 

 2. Roll the (sex) dice

When it comes to gift ideas, sex dice are a fun and creative way for your giftee (and possibly you!) to incite erotic foreplay. This small, stocking stuffer-sized gift is ideal for someone ready to spice up their love life and can easily be kept in the nightstand drawer for when the time is right. 

If it isn’t already included, try rolling the sex dice alongside a standard die. Whatever number is rolled (one through six) determines how long the act(s) on the sex dice are performed.  

3. Sex toys, but make them ~smart~ 

Sex toys are one of the best ways to enhance pleasure for not only masturbation but also partnered sex. While the list of physical and mental benefits of sex toy pleasure is long, there is a social stigma associated with purchasing them that unfortunately holds some people back. That’s what makes it the perfect gift to give. 

MysteryVibe toy

If you want to include a sex toy in the stocking, we suggest checking out Mystery Vibe, a company that makes toys and vibrators for men and women that are adaptable to every stage of life. Backed by science and technology and good for solo use or couples, this stocking stuffer is sure to excite. 

If you do decide to stuff the stocking with sex toys, be sure to also include a toy-compatible lube. ASTROGLIDE offers several water-based lubricants that are easy to clean, including a sex toy lube product, TOY ‘n JOY. Not only is ASTROGLIDE’s TOY ‘n JOY personal lubricant gentle on intimate areas, but it’s also condom compatible, hypoallergenic, and both glycerin and paraben-free. In fact, this personal lubricant was specifically tested to be safe on most sex toy materials and surfaces, including silicone sex toys, rubber sex toys, plastic sex toys, glass sex toys, and stainless-steel sex toys. 

4. Take it virtual 

Virtual gifts/memberships are great stocking stuffers, partly because they take up little-to-no space. Need one more gift but don’t have any more room in the stocking? Have no fear. 

Man kissing woman's leg


Our pick for a virtual gift is afterglow, an ethical porn website with a focus on sexual wellness that is a great gift for those who are ready to take their pleasure into their own hands. afterglow provides members with high-quality erotic content curated for sexual wellness and focused on pleasure for everyone. afterglow also offers guided masturbation exercises to help you explore your body. The best part is that while it can be enjoyed solo, it is couple-friendly, so if you give this gift to your sexual partner, you’ll get in on the fun, too!  

Try printing out the details of the virtual gift, or even writing it out nicely on a piece of paper. You can then take that and place it in a small box to wrap and tie a ribbon around, then throw it right into the stocking. 

Want to check out afterglow now? Try it free for 7 days with code XOASTRO

5. A gift for me is a gift for you

When it comes to choosing a sexy gift for your partner, you can’t go wrong with a classic option like lingerie. Try switching up your gift ideas by putting a sexy outfit for yourself into your partner’s stocking for them to unwrap. You can then try it on for them, providing a seamless transition from stocking time to sexy time. A gift for both of you!

black bra

 6. Give the gift of more oral 

Studies show oral sex is three times more likely than intercourse to lead to orgasms for women. However, sometimes a person may want the sensations of oral without skin-to-skin contact. Whether that be because of a partner’s scratchy facial hair, hypersensitivity to intimate touch, past trauma that makes oral sex hard, or anything else, Lorals are a stocking stuffer-sized way to give the gift of intimacy and help everyone say yes to pleasure. 

Lorals are single-use, natural latex panties that create a layer between your partner’s mouth and nose and your vulva and anus during cunnilingus and rimming. The super stretchy, silky panties sculpt the wearer’s curves, allowing their partner’s mouth and tongue to move fully. Lorals stay in place during oral sex and are designed to cover the vulva and anus the entire time. 

The opaque latex material provides additional stimulation to the clitoris and labia without skin-to-skin contact. Lorals’ super-thin latex can also be great for kinky play.  

 7. Bring on the happy endings

For those that could use some stress relief, consider a massage oil—perfect to stick right inside a stocking. Massage oil is like the gift that keeps on giving because each time it’s used will lead to satisfaction and possibly even pleasure, as it is a sensual way to begin foreplay. 

Some massage oils also double as lubes, like ASTROGLIDE O Massage Oil. Because let’s face it, we all know how sensual massages are and what they can lead to (cough, cough happy endings). 

8. Who said getting socks for Christmas was a bad thing?

When it comes to stockings, you can’t go wrong with the basics. Socks, bras, underwear… You name it, your gift receiver will be thrilled to open something they can put to use on a daily basis. 

We suggest gifting something from TomboyX, a brand created with the mission to make underwear that all bodies can feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fall on the size or gender spectrum. You can choose from a range of apparel, with intimates that will fold up to fit perfectly into any stocking.  

TomboyX boxers

Can’t wait until Christmas?  

Any of these stocking stuffer ideas are sure to enhance your giftee’s sex life. If you’re ready to get to giving and don’t want to wait until the actual holiday, turn your stocking stuffing into a season-long activity instead of limiting it to one day. Try stuffing your partner’s stocking with one item each night while they’re sleeping so they wake up to a pleasurable surprise. We’ll call it… the 12 days of pleasure! This is a fun way to get you both excited, knowing that something sensual is on the horizon—no matter what is in the stocking.  

If the sexy stocking stuffer does the trick, you and your partner will find yourselves feeling hot and heavy this holiday season, so check out some holiday-themed sex positions that are guaranteed to leave you cheery and bright. 

Happy gifting!