Naughty or Nice Sex Tips & Positions to Get You into the Holiday Spirit


‘Twas the month of December, when all through the house

The foreplay got steamy, and one unbuttoned their blouse.

Stockings were ripped and pulled apart without care,

In hopes that an orgasm soon would be there.

With vibrators, lube, blindfolds, and more,

We hope you take time this month to explore.

If you’re looking for sex positions that are naughty and nice,

Please refer below to our expert advice.

Leading up to the holidays, your inbox and social feeds are flooded with gift guides recommending a slew of ideas sure to be perfect for that special someone. And while, sure, go ahead and get them that new electronic they’ve been eyeing, but why not add a cherry on top – a little marshmallow to your hot cocoa, if you will, and give them something you know they’ll love. An orgasm. So, if you’re feeling festive but don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of expert-approved naughty and nice sex tips to get you in the spirit for the not so silent nights ahead.

sexy underwear


Carmel Jones, Sex Expert at The Big Fling, suggests the following:

Nice: Gift your partner some sexy undies.

Buying your partner underwear is a very sexy form of foreplay. It’s like purchasing a secret that’s just between the two of you.

Naughty: Rip it off of them before you do the deed.

Get a little rough when you remove those undergarments, but not so rough that you rip the delicates! 

Nice: Bring your partner’s favorite toy into the bedroom. 

Bringing toys into the bedroom can enhance physical pleasure and be a deeply intimate experience. Elevate your sensual experience by using their favorite adult toy.

Naughty: Tease them by using the edging technique.

Edging is a sexual technique where one partner pushes the other close to climax and then backs off. It’s a naughty way to tease your partner and eventually give them a more explosive orgasm.

Nice: Buy takeout from their favorite spot.

Eating together is a fantastic form of foreplay. It’s indulgent, delicious, and cathartic which creates a response similar to the way sex does.

Naughty: Incorporate dessert in the bedroom.

Bring the dessert into the bedroom and lick it off of one another. Sweeter foods like chocolate, honey, or whipped cream are known to excite the pleasure centers in the body along with the senses. 

Nice: Light some skin-safe massage candles to set the mood.

Turn your space into a sexy and cozy haven this winter by lighting candles.

Naughty: Use the wax for erotic wax play.

Wax play is a form of BDSM that can be very erotic when done correctly. Just make sure to keep safety in mind as you turn your delicate candles into a naughty experience. 


not so silent night

ASTROGLIDE’s own sexologist, Dr. Jess O’Reilly, recommends:

Nice: Have silent sex. 

If you’ll be sleeping over at your in-law’s place or offering your guest room to family members, relish in silent sex that replaces moans and dirty talk with the intensity of eye contact, slow movements, and body language. 

Naughty: Experiment with a cloth gag to add an element of kink to the experience. 

Nice: Make a sexy playlist and give it to your lover as a gift. 

Set the mood with music that reminds you of your early years or memories of a romantic vacation. Play it in the background while prepping meals, in the car, or over a glass of eggnog before bedtime. 

Naughty: Pick something with heavy bass to play with power.

Music can move you and research suggests that those who listen to loud music have more sex! Music can shift your mood, improve your perspective, boost confidence and help you to relax — all of which have the potential to heighten your erotic connection.

Nice: Play dress up.

Cue the themed family holiday onesies! Coordinate onesies for a family event, but make a deal with your lover that you’ll wear nothing underneath. Your little secret will add an element of risqué fun to your evening.

Naughty: Roleplay to your fantasy’s desire.

Try holiday-themed role play as Santa’s helpers or experiment with other roles that appeal to you both.


Tara Struyk, Editor in Chief of Kinkly, proposes:

 Nice: Missionary Sex Position. A lot of people equate “Missionary” with “boring.” Even so, a lot of people get off on this one. It’s simple, accessible for a lot of different bodies and you don’t have to be an athlete to make it work.

Naughty: Add bondage! Missionary with tied hands, tied legs, or some combination is fun, customizable, and easy to do. It’s also a huge turn-on for many people. To keep things as safe as possible, we recommend these simple, under-the-bed restraints. You can leave them tucked under your mattress so they’re always ready to go, and they make this kind of bondage about as safe and comfortable as it gets. 

men kissing

Kate, Co-Founder of, shares:

Nice: Take your partner’s hand and lead them to the bedroom. Get in bed and slowly strip each other of each layer of clothing. Let your hands wander their entire body in between each layer.

Naughty: Don’t make it to the bedroom. Drop to your knees on your way there and surprise them with the oral of their life.

Nice: Had a long, tiring day? Masturbate together. Help your partner get off by massaging their body as they masturbate, kiss them how they like, and touch them where they love!

Naughty: Tease your partner and make them wait. Have your partner watch you touch yourself until you give them the all-clear to join in. 

 Nice: Drive around and check out neighborhoods’ Christmas lights. Find a spot to park for a bit and make out like teenagers again.

Naughty: Bring along a wearable couple’s vibrator and let the vibrations work you or your partner up as you go through the Christmas lights.

women kissing


Katie Lasson, Clinical Sexologist and Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Advisor from Peaches and Screams, advises:

Nice: Masturbate yourself using your partner’s hand.

Naughty: Masturbate yourself while your partner watches and as their hands are tied up. Take it further by making him wear a vibrating cock ring like Peaches and Scream’s Maximus Enhancement Waterproof Cock Ring Vibe to provide him with just enough sensations to make him want to get into action while he helplessly watches you touch yourself.

Nice: Have sex on the kitchen countertop.

Naughty: Do it in someone else’s house. It may seem disrespectful if the house belongs to a stranger, so make sure the house is owned by someone you know. People do this all the time more than they’d like to admit.

Nice: Read the Kama Sutra and/or other pornographic materials together and discuss what both of you would like to try.

Naughty: Watch a pornographic movie together and re-enact it using role-play. You can even make a game out of it by switching places.


romantic holiday dinner


Jade’s Desire (Shanna Douglas), Erotica Author & Sexologist, offers:

Nice: Have a romantic dinner waiting for your spouse or partner to indulge in as a “nice” warm-up to get you both in the holiday spirit.

Naughty: If your partner is home, prepare dinner in the nude with an apron wrapped around you and your heels on. Make sure to bend over to check what’s in the oven and *accidentally* drop your cooking utensils. The perfect oops makes for an amazing orgasm later.

Naughty Part Two: If your partner is not home while you are cooking dinner, know what time they will walk through the door and surprise them with nothing on but a pair of heels. You can either have dinner on the table and you be the dessert, or you can lay on the table naked with heels on. Let them know dinner is served, holding mistletoe, of course.

Naughty Part Three: The Dirty Maid meets Mrs. Claus. While you normally think of cleaning in your old joggers or mom jeans, spice it up with a sexy take on the classic maid ensemble mixed with your favorite holiday matriarch, Mrs. Claus. How about for the holidays you put on a Mrs. Claus style short dress with heels and nix the underwear for your chores. Make sure you’re quite visible in every house cleaning task. Vacuum in front of them with legs spread open slightly, “oops I’m sorry am I in the way”. 


Whether you decide to be naughty or nice this holiday season (or perhaps a little bit of both) we also wanted to leave you with a few themed sex positions to try out over the coming weeks. Rather than getting your tinsel in a tangle with holiday stress, take some time to unwrap, er, unwind with these moves.

shower sex

Dr. Jess O’Reilly has given her sexologist stamp of approval to these holiday positions:

The Wet Reindeer

The shower is a perfect spot for holiday quickies. Try the “leg-up dog” position. Prop a leg up on the tub ledge and have your partner approach from behind. If you’ve only got time for oral, try the “inside-out” position. The receiver stands in the shower and enjoys the cascade of water while the giver kneels outside of the tub or sits on the tub ledge. Use ASTROGLIDE’s X Silicone Gel for a wet and wild ride. This lube is perfect for water play as it stays slippery, lasts longer, and won’t wash away as easily as water-based formulas.

The Open Sleigh

From doggie style, lift the front partner’s legs and hold them at your side, so that they’re supporting themselves on their arms. Add a pillow beneath their upper body for added support. 

The Elf on the Shelf

If you’re short on time or space, try this standing position that doesn’t require you to undress. Stand with one foot on the floor and one leg bent up on a couch, chair, or other knee-level surface. Your partner can stand facing you in between your legs. Slide your clothes off (or to the side) just enough for your partner to slide inside with the object of their choice – nose, finger, tongue, toy, strap-on or penis.


festive couple


Sandra Larson, Nurse, Relationship Expert, and Co-Founder of My Sex Toy Guide adds the following:

The Turkey Baster

Is that the smell of the turkey crackling in the oven or is it your partner’s wild pheromones? This position is perfect for the holidays. Your partner’s pleasure zones are very close to yours and the penetration is effortless. For this one, the lady lies on her back, spreads legs apart and brings them up so that her knees rest on her chest. The guy, on the other hand, crouches in a sitting position, using his legs to suspend his crotch. Then, he slowly thrusts effortlessly while supporting himself with the lady’s boobies.

Santa’s Little Helper

Probably the most straightforward of all, this position is very holiday-friendly. Sneak away for a few moments and find somewhere to sit. The man sits down with his legs spread wide while the lady sits on him while facing away. The lady slowly stands and sits with the guy supporting the movements when need be. Most importantly, you don’t have to remove all your clothes in case someone walks in.

The Beautiful Menorah

Like Santa’s Little Helper, you don’t need a bed for this one. The lady faces the wall and steps on a small stool or any inclined surface with one leg. Then, the guy comes from behind gently penetrating and with no need for support. The perfect position for when you don’t have time to prepare for sex.

If orgasms are on your wish list this year, these expert tips and tricks are sure to get you what you want. And of course, if you’re looking for a little help stuffing your stocking, check out ASTROGLIDE’s range of personal lubricants. Happy HOoOoOlidays!



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