Introducing Food into the Bedroom: 7 Ways to Combine Food & Sex

By Dr. Jess Sex Tips Combining Food & Sex


Food and sex share many commonalities, from the sensual experience of pleasure to the chemical reactions in response to both indulgences.

Food and sex both elicit a sensory response, and our experiences of these pleasures are affected by what we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Just as we can be turned on and off by the smell and taste of foods, so too are we affected by the scent and taste of a partner.

Research suggests that couples who eat together have happier relationships, and one study revealed that we tend to view adventurous eaters as more attractive and open-minded when it comes to sexual activity. It’s no surprise, given the ties between food and sex, that they pair up beautifully in the bedroom.

When we consider sex, pleasure, and seduction, experts will often encourage the exploration of multiple senses (beyond merely physical touch). For example, you might set the visual mood with candlelight, appeal to the olfactory with seductive scents, and create auditory pleasure with soothing music. But oftentimes, the gustatory is left out of the equation, which is a shame, as seducing someone via taste is a unique sexual experience and the desire for food often mirrors the sexual desire. By including food in your seduction and pleasure routines, you open a whole new world of possibility and discovery – from the tactile to the gustatory and beyond.

Check out our top tips to play with food in and out of the bedroom, all in the name of hotter sex.

Rose petals and chocolate covered strawberries

Set the Stage 

By preparing foods that are linked to improved libido, sexual performance, and general wellness. Oysters, whole grains, legumes, and shellfish are high in zinc, which all support sexual function. Soy milk and coconut milk are dairy products fortified with vitamin D and cherries are a source of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate the circadian cycle and encourage sound sleep. For a more comprehensive guide to how food can support your sex life, be sure to read our post, The Better Sex Diet: Food & Supplements For Libido & Pleasure.

Play with Temperature

Freeze grapes and pop them into your mouth while kissing every part of their body — from their lips to their inner thighs and beyond. Or play with popsicles over their nipples and then lick off the sticky goodness. Better yet, slide frozen grapes inside of your lover’s vagina and then let them watch as you slowly pop them into your mouth. For a warm, tingly sensation during oral sex, sip a peppermint tea before going down on your lover. Consider alternating sips of tea with sips of ice water to keep them guessing and activate their sensitive thermo-receptors during great sex.

Paint with food

To add excitement to your sex life, use a soft-bristled makeup brush to trace the contours of their body with honey, whipped cream, melted chocolate, icing, or pudding. Consider “painting” for their physical pleasure as well as your visual indulgence. After completing your masterpiece, snap a few pics (if they’re into it) and then dive in as you lick, suck, and twirl your way around your favorite flavors and curves of their body.

Give them a Champagne Blowjob or Massage

There are no rules when it comes to playing with champagne. With that being said, one recommendation is you may want to keep it away from the vagina. Some people have no issues with a lover eating them out with a gulp of champagne in their mouth, but others report irritation, so use your best judgment. * Pour some bubbles over the shaft and lap it up with enthusiasm. Or sip some bubbles into your mouth before kissing their hottest spots. Alternatively, you can pour champagne over your body and let them watch or catch the bubbles as they drip down. And of course, you can go down on your lover and ask them to pour champagne on your lips from up above.

Man feeding another man strawberry.

Play with Sensory Deprivation

If you’re an oenophile (aka a wine connoisseur), play with sensory deprivation. Blindfold your lover and enjoy wine tasting in the nude. Allow them to taste different varietals and ask them to describe each one in detail. Reciprocate by describing what you see and feel in detail while using our Dirty Talk Guide to inspire you. (If you’re not into wine, you can taste different chocolates or fruits.) I was recently at a sex club that offered a cheeky wine tasting using body parts as chalices (e.g., belly button, the small of the back), so consider recreating this type of tasting in your bedroom.

Play with Textures

Play with Textures during an erotic massage. Coffee grinds, drink crystals, Jell-O, and champagne each offer a unique sensation, so take your time to play and explore. As an adult, it’s perfectly polite to play with your food. *Wink* Use a drop of lube with coffee grinds or drink crystals to give them a relaxing back massage. Play with cubes or shots of Jell-O across their torso or feed them to your lover teasingly as you enjoy every slurp and suck. Or pour champagne over their body to give them a little tingle before sucking off every last drop. Alternatively, you can use cinnamon and your warm breath to create a tingly sensation across their skin. Note: When combining food and sex, specifically when using sugary, sticky, or spicy foods (like cinnamon), be sure to avoid open membranes – you want to keep these foods away from the entrance to the vagina.

Experiment with Flavor

ASTROGLIDE Strawberry Liquid lube has a subtle aroma and flavor to take oral (and full body) pleasure to new heights. It’s water-based, condom compatible* (*compatible with natural rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms), and vegan, so you can apply a few drops between your legs or use it as a base for a sensual massage of the thighs and beyond. The best part is Strawberry Liquid is now available as samples, so everyone can give it a try. To order your free sample, click here. Happy tasting! You can also experiment with different super-taster “cocktails” to see how they affect your taste. Try drinking pineapple juice or eating cantaloupe before you dive under the covers. We don’t have scientific data to confirm the link between diet and genital taste, but super-tasters (e.g., adult film stars who consider themselves orally experienced) have observed that diets high in fruits and vegetables produce sweeter tastes and fried and processed foods result in a more bitter flavor.

Picnic two people one kissing the others forehead and feeding the other at the same time.

Surprise your Lover

It’s always fun to be surprised, so surprise your lover with food, just as you surprise them with physical affection when they least expect it. Going on a road trip? Pack their favorite snacks to surprise them and boost their mood when stuck in traffic. Are they dealing with a stressful day? Surprise them with a shoulder massage while they’re on a phone call. Do you plan on surprising them with chocolate paint in the bedroom in the evening? Tease them with a paintbrush in their lunch. Even if they don’t connect the dots right away, it will pique their curiosity. The element of surprise allows you to plant “sex seeds” throughout the course of the day (or week), which sexologist Marla Renee Stewart describes as key to seducing a lover and setting the mood for connection. After all, your lover isn’t a light switch being able to go from putting the kids to bed to licking honey off of your balls in a flash. They need a little warm-up and surprise snacks to set the tone. And hey, a little affection can help to activate their dimmer switch as you build to the main event. Whichever way you choose to play with food in the bedroom, have fun, allow yourselves to laugh, and enjoy the sensations. You’re likely to find that when you start connecting food and sex, you’ll start to approach both eating and sexual pleasure more mindfully. It’s a win-win from the dining room to the bedroom.

Bon Appetit!


*We do not provide health or medical advice, and these are merely suggestions, so check with your healthcare provider if you have questions about what is safe for your body.