5 Simple Techniques to Intensify Orgasms

By Dr. Jess Sex Tips Intense orgasms

Do you love the big ohhh? Would you like to play with oohs that are even bigger and better? Do you want to learn specific techniques on how to have more intense orgasms?

Well, we’ve got you covered with 5 techniques and strategies that will have you loving the process, whatever the outcome:

“Blend” the orgasm

A blended orgasm during sexual intercourse generally refers to an orgasm that results from multiple sources of stimulation. The theory suggests that combining sensations from various regions stimulates multiple nerve pathways that communicate pleasure to the brain. In other words, more points of pleasure can lead to more pleasurable and intense orgasms. 

A blended orgasm might combine simultaneous stimulation of:


  • The clitoris & G-zone
  • The clitoris & anus
  • The clitoris & perineum
  • The clitoris & nipples
  • The nipples & penis
  • The nipples & perineum
  • The nipples & anus
  • The anus & penis
  • The pucker (butthole) & vagina
  • The penis & scrotal sac
  • The penis & perineum
  • The penis & prostate
  • The prostate & lower back
  • The bellybutton & clitoris
  • The feet & penis
  • The perineum & the G-zone

You get the picture. The combinations that can increase orgasm intensity are never-ending, and you can learn more about erogenous zones that might surprise you here.

If you’re new to exploring blended orgasms, consider a simple addition to your routine. Rather than rewriting the entire script, simply do what you do and add a finger, tongue, or toy into the mix against a hot spot that is easy to reach. It’s likely to increase your sexual satisfaction.

For example, during P-V intercourse, you might pulse your finger against your pucker (or your partner’s). Or during oral, you might add a little finger play down low or up top.

There is no right way to explore better orgasms, so enjoy the pursuit of sexual pleasure and see where blending can take you.

Overload Your Senses for Intense Orgasms

You’ve likely heard of sensory deprivation, which involves muting or removing one sense to heighten the experience of another (e.g., wearing a blindfold to drown out visual distractions so that you can tune into the physical sensations of touch). This deprivation can be a great way to enhance sexual pleasure and discover new ways to excite your mind and body. 

When experimenting with sensory deprivation, sensory overload is often ignored, even though it’s an exciting way to intensify orgasms and pleasure.

Sensory overload generally refers to bombarding or overwhelming one or more of your senses. 

For example, you might play loud music to drown out background noises and get lost in the beat or melody. Some people also find that loud music creates an escape or euphoria that allows them to feel more present or tap into fantasies. 

Or you might create a visual sensory experience in your space with erotic or stimulating elements, including art, videos, sculpture, or other visually arousing elements to enhance sex. 

And, of course, you may create sensory overload by engaging more points of contact – toys, hands, restraints, textures, and/or temperatures.

Like all pleasure pursuits, there is no singular way to practice sensory overload, and you don’t have to enjoy everything to relish in the pleasure. Some people find sensory overload off-putting, while others find their response varies highly from day to day.  Some people might enjoy physical overwhelm on day 14 of their menstrual cycle but find it uncomfortable on day 1). So, permit yourself to explore without pressure or judgment, and know that you can always revisit an experience another day.


breathing technique for orgasm


Breathe your way to better orgasms

Oftentimes we hold our breath during sex because of nerves, fear of letting go, self-consciousness, or to muffle sounds so as not to disturb folks on the other side of our bedroom walls.

But holding your breath can hinder pleasure, especially if it’s done to appease others (as opposed to doing so to enjoy the sensations), as it can become a distraction.

Holding your breath can hinder circulation, which is essential to the sexual response cycle. Instead, experiment with deep, purposeful breaths to see if any sensations change during arousal and orgasm.

For example, you might try it when masturbating: draw out your breaths a bit longer to see how it changes the sensations. Does it delay orgasm or bring it on more quickly? Does the orgasm feel any different when you breathe more deeply and slowly?

How does it feel when you open your mouth wide? How about when you breathe through your nose? And how does it feel if you take short, shallow breaths? There are no correct answers. And hopefully, you enjoy the pleasure process regardless of the outcome.

Bonus: try this Body Scan exercise to tune into your breath and connect with your entire body. This could help you achieve a better orgasm. 

Make it tingle

A simple way to enhance pleasure is by trying new sensations…like a tingle. 

This is an easy one because ASTROGLIDE has you covered. Try our Quiver Liquid formula to add a subtle yet playful sensation to all your hot spots – from your nipples to your genitals and beyond. 

Apply Quiver with your lips.

Or swirl it on with the palms of your hands.

Try using a soft makeup brush for a sensual texture.

Or squeeze a few drops into your fist and let it drip down slowly…drop by drop.

Some of my clients like to play with temperature by putting their lube in the fridge or warming it up in the palm of their hands.


edging for more intense orgasms


Try Edging

So, what exactly is edging? Edging refers to bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm several times without allowing yourself to go over the edge and actually climax.

For example, if you consider arousal and pleasure on a scale of 1-10, with an orgasm being a 10, you might take yourself up to a 9, then slow down, pull back, and go back down to a level 4. Then, bring yourself back up to a 9, back down to a 5. Get back up to a 9, then drop down to a 6…and so on, until you let yourself go over the edge and climax.

Other people will play with different edging patterns. For example, you might bring yourself up to a 7, then back down to a 4. Then you might ramp it up to an 8, drop to a 5, before playing until you’re up at level 9 and drop down to a 6. And eventually, you take yourself over the edge.

You might find that you experience more orgasm intensity and full-bodied pleasure as you prolong the sexual experience through edging and that the release may feel more intense when you take time to prolong arousal (thanks to the dopamine release associated with anticipation).

Many people learn and practice edging on their own while masturbating before playing with a partner. Touch, play, stroke, or vibrate to increase arousal. Then slow down your breath and breathe deeply. Retreat as you move to a less intense technique or area, allowing your arousal level to decrease. You can repeat this by increasing and decreasing arousal until you’re ready to go over the edge.


Another note on pleasure as you learn how to have more intense orgasms: since we’re talking about bigger, better orgasms, we’d be remiss not to talk about the fact that you also don’t have to have an orgasm. Many people enjoy sex regardless of whether or not they orgasm, so if that’s your experience, embrace it! Pleasure is pleasure – whether it’s an orgasm, a warm embrace, a deep conversation, or anything else that feels good for you.