Your Erogenous Zone Roadmap

By Dr. Jess Sexual Health

Experiment with these guidelines and be sure to ask your partner for feedback to chart out your own personal sexual pleasure map that goes beyond the genitals and breasts:


The clavicle and the shallow grooves above it can be highly responsive to feather-light strokes. The small depressions below it are considered acupressure points that trigger relaxation and this facilitates sexual response. Try light kissing and light touches with your lips to your partner’s collarbone area to bring them a pleasurable sensation.

The Nape of the Neck and EarsYour Erogenous Zone Roadmap: nape of the neck and ears

A cross-cultural study of nearly 800 participants found that both men and women rate the nape of the neck and ears as highly erotic with a high “ability to facilitate sexual arousal.”  Navigating your partner’s body parts will help you find their preferred erogenous cone.


Philtrum translates from the Latin for love potion and this small groove centered above the lips (just below the tip of the nose) has long been considered a sensual erogenous zone responsive to breath, gentle kisses, and light touch.

Lower Back

Some women consider their lower backs the most sensitive region of the body and a handful report orgasmic sensations in response to “tickling” of this area. Try lightly touching this female erogenous zone with your fingertip.

Inner Thighs

Given the proximity to the genital region, it’s no surprise that massaging the inner thighs is a turn-on for both men and women. Once again, light touching with your fingertip in the inner thigh erogenous zone is known to trigger a sexual response in both men and women.

The Perineum

This stretch of skin between the balls and the anus may be the hottest male erogenous zones. Not only can you massage his inner penis through his perineum (also known as the taint and gooch) but sweeping your finger over it during orgasm can produce a rush of sexual pleasure throughout his body as his prostate responds to your firm touch.

Your Erogenous Zone Roadmap: the happy trail

The Treasure Trail or Lower Abdomen

The space between the belly button and pubic mound is highly sensitive to light touch and its proximity to the pelvic region encourages blood flow to even hotter spots on your body. Use your breathe or the tip of your tongue to tease your way down the lower abdomen to the tip of the pubic mound or stroke your cheeks against this region as your massage the inner thighs.

Not so erogenous: The Feet

Despite the popularity of foot fetishes and the clear demand for foot rubs in spas and salons around the world, research published in the journal, Cortex, suggests that few people consider their feet erogenous. In fact, the foot rating ranked as low as the kneecap in terms of sexual arousal and pleasure.

Even if you think you know your body, it’s always worth inviting your partner to try to find new ways to excite you. And while you’re in the mood for trying new things, why not give a new ASTROGLIDE formula a whirl? Get your free sample of our most popular formulas of ASTROGLIDE here.


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