Your Sexy Summer Regimen

By ASTROGLIDE Team Sexual Health

Improve Endurance

Do more: Cardio

Keeping your heart healthy helps to ensure that you don’t lose momentum halfway through doing the deed. Run, walk, swim, hike or anything else you enjoy that gets your heart pumping!

Get in shape for summer sex

Eat more: Avocados

Avocados contain plenty of unsaturated fats, which are essential for a healthy heart and can help you keep your energy up during sex.

Keep your sexy summer body fit

Stay On Top

Do more: Pushups

If you find yourself struggling to keep going even when it feels great, you might want to work on your triceps. Strong arms are essential when you’re on top for a variety of sex positions. If traditional pushups are too strenuous at first, start with wall presses or knee pushups.

Eat more: Eggs

A hearty breakfast is even more beneficial than you might have thought. Eggs are packed with protein, which can help you build muscle when you work out your arms.

Your sexy summer regimen

Become More Flexible

Do more: Yoga

Yoga can help you endure tougher positions for longer, so practice regularly to surprise your partner with new moves. It can also help you develop leaner muscles.

Eat more: Arugula

Dark green, leafy vegetables have been shown to aid sexual health with antioxidants that support a healthy libido. They also have high water content, which can help to improve flexibility.

Summer health tips

Be a Better Bottom

Do More: Situps

Sex often relies on your abdominal muscles – especially when you’re on the bottom – so strengthening your core is critical. And the resulting 6-pack will boost your confidence.

Eat More: Figs

This high-fiber fruit is very filling, so you can eat less and still be satisfied as you work toward a sexy stomach.

Summer abs

Move Your Hips

Do More: Squats

Squats work out the muscles you use to move your hips and pull off your sexiest moves. Plus, a better butt makes a better view for your partner.

Eat more: Almonds

Almonds are high in zinc, which can boost your sex drive. They also contain minerals that are known to support sexual health.

Summer nutrition


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