Well, the secret is out…

By ASTROGLIDE Team Personal Lubricant

We know you might be a little bummed about not being able to get buzzed on lube. We are right there with you. We’re all going a little crazy stuck at home, and let’s be honest; we’re pretty much surviving on wine and lube at this point. Plus, how could we pass up the opportunity to say Penis Grigio?

We could all use a little levity in a time like this. We hope our little prank brought you a laugh. While you can’t get your hands on Vajayjay Chardonnay now (never say never!), you can get our full line of products delivered right to your door. Between that and wine delivery, you will be set for a party of one.

Check out the full lineup and where you can buy each product here.

Have a safe and happy April Fools’ Day!