Turn Up the Passion: 10 Tips for Slow, Romantic Sex with Your Partner

By ASTROGLIDE Team Sexual Health passionate-silhouette-kiss

No matter your style, there’s no doubt that intimate sex with your partner can bring an intense feeling, immense pleasure and a better sense of closeness and intimacy. Looking for a little more passion? It may be time to give slow sex a try.

What is slow or passionate sex — and how can it lead to greater intimacy in your relationship? Read on for 10 sensual tips for how to have slow, passionate sex with your partner.

What is “Slow Sex”?

Sex can be wild, fun, experimental, intimate, fast, mind-blowing, casual, and even a little kinky. It can leave you panting from exhaustion or curled up in your partner’s arms in romantic bliss.

Contrary to what the name implies, slow sex isn’t just about having sex slowly. Slow sex is more about having more conscious, mindful sex with your partner. It’s about being present, exploring each other’s bodies, and not rushing the act simply to reach orgasm. You could say that slow sex is sexual activity that feels more like lovemaking.

Slow sex involves exploration, trust, and intimacy which leads to a more romantic sex life. Many couples practice passionate, slow sex to help bring them closer together emotionally, as well as physically and sexually.

How is “Slow Sex” Different from Other Types of Sex?

While many types of sex serve the purpose of providing sexual satisfaction (nothing wrong with that!), slow sex works to make each partner more mindful during sex. Since the primary goal isn’t necessarily orgasm, there is less pressure to rush through the act.

Wild, fast sex is fun, but there is less time spent on exploring your partner’s body, practicing foreplay, or talking about sexual desire and pleasure. Slow sex makes time for more lovemaking, intimacy, and connection.

Couples who practice slow, romantic sex can look forward to a range of benefits in their romantic love and sexual relationship.

Benefits of Slow, Passionate Sex

If you’re looking for a change from the fun, fast, and freaky sex that you typically have with your partner, consider giving slow sex a try.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can look forward to by practicing slow, passionate sex.

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Greater Intimacy

Practicing slow sex makes you and your partner more likely to discuss things like foreplay, pleasure, boundaries, and fantasies prior to and during sex. Opening up this line of communication can lead to greater intimacy and communication, overall. Greater intimacy often translates into real passion and often great sex. 

Rekindle the Romance

Sometimes your sex life can lose a bit of heat when you fall into the same routine every day. By switching it up with slow sex, you make sex more intentional. In marriage or an LTR, it’s easy to get caught up in daily routines. Keep your sexual passion alive by reconnecting in a more in a more intimate way. That added time to discuss what makes each other tick can make all the difference.

Stronger Orgasms

Fast sex often leads to fast orgasms. Slow sex, on the other hand, can lead to stronger orgasms by postponing the… ahem… release. You’ll spend more time focusing on foreplay and building up pleasure, rather than rushing to reach orgasm. The resulting orgasm (or orgasms) is likely to be intense. Slowing down sex can often leave room for multiple orgasms as well.

More Trust

Fast sex gives little time to discuss sexual boundaries. By moving at a slower speed, you’re more likely to talk to your partner about your likes, dislikes, triggers, and limits. Having this understanding of each other makes it less likely that someone will cross a line. Sexual trust is an important component of any safe and respectful relationship. Feeling trust helps a couple experience a harmonious sexual passion that elevates the overall experience of sexual intercourse. 

Inspire Body Positivity

Does your partner know your body like the back of their hand? Are you confident that they love every inch of your body? Slow sex lets you get to know your partner’s body — and them, yours. This can make you feel more sexy, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.

Mindfulness During Sex

How many times have you had sex, just to collapse in ecstasy thinking “What just happened?” Fast sex feels amazing, but it can be difficult to notice the more intimate moments. Slow sex helps you be more mindful during sex, allowing you to appreciate the act and your partner even more.

Slow Sex: 10 Tips for Turning Up the Passion and Romance

If you’re used to the fast, hair-pulling, wake-the-neighbors kind of sex, then mixing it up with slow sex may feel a bit outside your wheelhouse. How do you have romantic, passionate sex when your go-to is typically fast and furious?

Follow this guide for 10 slow sex tips to turn up the passion in your relationship.

1. Plan Ahead

The romance doesn’t have to start in the bedroom.

If you and your partner are looking forward to a night of slow, sensual bliss, you can build up the heat by talking about it hours or even days before the “event.”

Not only does this build up anticipation, but it also gives you a chance to plan a romantic evening. You can book dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, plan a night away in a nice hotel, or even go for a simple date night walk. The point is to build up the romance (and sexual excitement) prior to what’s sure to be a pleasurable evening.

2. Set the Mood

Whether you schedule a night away or get sexy at home, there’s much you can do to set the mood. A romantic ambiance can help both of you feel more excited before getting it on.

Make sure the bed is made, light some candles, spritz the air with a sexy scent, and put on your favorite sensual playlist. With the mood set, you’ll be ready to slip into something comfortable (or nothing at all) as soon as you enter the room.

3. Start with Foreplay

Slow sex isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. And like sex, every marathon requires a proper warm-up.

On average, couples spend about 20 minutes on foreplay. While fast sex likely sets the minimum here, slow sex probably falls at the higher end — around 16-25 minutes of foreplay. While we don’t suggest setting a timer to make sure you are practicing enough foreplay, make sure you add that time to get turned on and warmed up.

One of the best ways to get ready for sex is to use a personal lubricant. Lube will help you and your partner get warmed up and keep things gliding for longer. Incorporate lube into your slow sex play for a long-lasting, pleasure-filled experience.

4. Communicate!

“Do you like that?”

“Is it okay if I do this?”

“Should I go slower or faster?”

When it comes to slow, passionate sex, communication is key! Talking to your partner is the best way to learn what they like, let them know what you don’t like, and what to do to keep the passion going.

You can take this extra time to discuss boundaries, kinks, moves you like, and even set a “safe word” if you anticipate things getting a little wild. Communicating before and during sex ensures that both partners feel safe, excited, and satisfied.

5. Go on an Adventure

Exploring your partner (and vice versa) can be super erotic. With slow sex, you have more time to adventure across your partner’s body, exploring sexy spots you may never have tried before.

If you’re used to the same moves, you’ll often forget to venture to other parts of the body. You may be surprised what happens if you kiss them here and they touch you there.

astroglide gel personal lubricant

6. Use a Personal Lubricant

We hit on this point when we discussed foreplay, but it’s worth mentioning here. Using a long-lasting lubricant is essential when it comes to slow sex (unless you are blessed with more than enough of your own natural lube).

This is because slow sex takes longer, so there is a higher chance of your bits drying out — which is sure to stop the fun. Be prepared by keeping your favorite lubricant on-hand so there are no delays in your slow sex marathon.

7. Try a Toy (or Two)

Your slow sex session doesn’t have to be limited to two bodies rolling around in the sheets. Using toys can add a little spice, build up the intensity, and lead to some amazing orgasms.

Vibrators, male masturbators, and other sex toys can be a great addition to your steamy evening. Just be sure to discuss using sex toys with your partner ahead of time to confirm that they are on board. 

For enhanced pleasure, use a water-based lubricant with toys. ASTROGLIDE Toy ‘n Joy is one of our best lubes for sex toys as it was specifically tested to be safe on most sex toy materials and surfaces and cleans up easily.

8. Bask in the Afterglow

After spending a sexy morning, afternoon, or evening with your partner, it may be tempting to roll over and call it quits. But the intimacy doesn’t stop there! Basking in the serotonin-fueled afterglow is a great way to make those positive feelings last.

Sexual afterglow is a result of satisfying sex and can be an indication of dopamine and oxytocin receptors being activated in the brain. These chemicals are said to play a roll in feelings of romantic love and intimacy. By taking a minute to enjoy these feelings, you can build an even closer connection with your partner.

9. Check In

“How was that for you?”

Talking about sex can be a bit awkward if you haven’t done it before, but doing so can help you build more trust and intimacy in your relationship. You two can discuss what you liked, what you loved, and what you want to try (over and over) again.

This is also an opportunity to make your partner feel appreciated and supported. Sex can feel vulnerable, so it’s important that both partners feel the love. By asking “How was that for you?”, you are recognizing their feelings — and acknowledging that you want to learn how to better please them in the future.

10. Continue the Conversation

Slow sex is sexy. More slow sex is even sexier.

Your adventure into slow sex doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. You can keep the conversation going, plan out future date nights, and flirt with your partner, hinting “We should definitely do THAT again.”

Practicing slow sex is just that — a practice. A sensual break from your usual, fast-paced routine can do wonders for your relationship. A little more passion and romance can go a long way.

Intimate Slow Sex Ideas to Share with Your Partner

Looking for more ways to have romantic sex with your partner? Try these sexy and sensual ideas to keep the passion flowing.

sexy female silhouette in bedroom

Undress Slowwwwly

Build up anticipation by slowly removing one article of clothing at a time. Let your eyes wander. Spice things up with some romantic lingerie.

Play Solo, Together

Mutual masturbation can be a fun way to get the hormones flowing before jumping into the main event. You and your partner can play solo while watching each other with anticipation — until you just can’t wait another second.

Watch an Adult Video

Watching porn with your partner is another way to get both of you turned on and ready for a slow, passionate session. Decide on a sexy movie together, get warmed up, and see where the rest of the morning, day, or night takes you.

Just Add Food

You already think that your partner is delicious, why not add the cherry on top? Adding foods, like whipped creme or chocolate syrup, can turn slow sex into a tasty, erotic experience. Not into food play? Try our Sensual Strawberry lube too, it adds a little sweetness with no sticky feel and it cleans easily with water.

Out of Sight

They say that limiting one of your senses heightens the others, so adding a blindfold to your slow sexcapades could make the physical sensations even more pleasurable. Leave your partner guessing where you are going to go next by adding a blindfold or tie (a la Fifty Shades of Grey) into the mix.

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