The Complete Guide to Full-Body Orgasms

By Dr. Jess Sex Tips how to have a full body orgasm

Full-body ohhhs are often considered the ultimate indulgence. The tingle of pleasure across your body can be overwhelming, even euphoric – from your face to your feet to your fingertips and beyond.

Most of us experience orgasmic sensations in our genitals, and some report feeling intense sensations in their breasts and buttocks, as these are the parts we tend to stroke and stimulate as we build toward the big ohhh. 

But what if you were to explore the entire body? What if you were to awaken every nerve ending during climax? What if you were to touch every square inch of the body to draw circulation and erotic awareness to every curve, patch, and erogenous zone – from head to tail to toe? 

The journey to full-body pleasure is not universal, but many people report that erotic full-body massage is the most common path. It’s not a quick fix or a guarantee, but we’re confident you’ll enjoy the journey to a full-body orgasm if you try to:

  1. Slow down and enjoy the journey (without pressure to perform).
  2. Breathe deeply so you can tune into every sensation of a full-body orgasm.
  3. Take your time and relish in the pure physical joy and pleasure of touching every square inch of skin.

Here you can find a step-by-step guide to full-body orgasms for partners, but don’t feel pressured to follow it to a tee. Feel free to try it solo if you prefer. Always adjust as needed and follow your intuition. Just remember to touch for sensual pleasure as opposed to focusing on technique or performance – whatever the outcome, we hope you’ll enjoy the process.

what is a full body orgasm

To get started, get comfortable and set the scene. Remove distractions like phones and pets. Cover your eyes as can help you relax and achieve a powerful orgasm. Adjust the temperature and lighting and have your lube and massage oil on hand. Set aside at least an hour for this exploration so that you have time to explore and bask in the afterglow. 

TL; DR: You’re going to work your way down your lover’s body from head to toe – starting on their backside, so they should be on their tummy. Put a pillow under their hips or knees so that they’re comfy and can sink into the mattress. Once you’ve worked your way down the backside, you’ll switch to the front side and then you’ll dive into the good stuff – however, you define it.

Once you’re both comfortable, start by running your fingers through their hair. Touch slowly (really, slowly) and gently in semi-circles. Kiss gently with your lips and nuzzle your nose to follow the contours of their ears and down the back of their neck. 

Deepen your breath and spend at least a minute or two here – more if you’re patient.

Don’t worry if you’re not relaxed at first; remember that it doesn’t have to be erotic to begin with. Just focus on comfort and pleasure and see where it takes you. It can take some time to relax and get in the mood. 

Work your way down their neck breathing kisses against their skin, but don’t make contact. Try breath kisses where you breathe the kiss over their skin hovering your lips just above the surface, so they feel your warmth.

Trace their neck with the tip of your nose. Breathe it all in.

Plant a few gentle kisses and trace around with your palms. 

Smile as you touch them for pleasure. 

Use a massage oil like ASTROGLIDE O Oil & Massage Lotion. Make sure the bottle is open and accessible in case you need to reach for more during the full-body caress. 

Work your way down to their shoulders – kiss, lick, breathe, swirl, touch, and feel their skin against yours. Notice how their skin feels and how your body responds as you touch and explore. Trace the backs of your hands over their shoulders as you gradually work your way over their upper back and shoulder blades. Spend a few minutes here to strengthen sexual energy.

Touch with your fingers, palms, lips, and tongue, and take deep breaths. Be slow and gentle, as you are just getting started. Explore this area by experimenting with different strokes. 

A note for the receiving partner: Breathe deeply and pay attention to their touch, tuning into the pressure, speed, rhythm, movement, and temperature. Enjoy the pleasure without concern of reciprocation and let go of any worries or responsibilities. If allowing your mind to wander into a fantasy helps you to relax and tune into the sensations, give it a try.

sensual touch

Breathe warm air down their upper spine.

Kiss and roll your tongue around their shoulder blades.

Sweep your hands in a smooth figure 8 technique over the length of their back.

Trickle the backs of your fingers slowly on their sides and then sweep back up still slowly, but with more pressure using warm, open palms. 

Spend a few more minutes here before you slide down to their buttocks. 

Smile as you explore their soft skin. 

If you’re receiving touch, let your sounds, breath, and body movements emanate freely without inhibition.

Sweep your palms gently over their cheeks. 

Start slowly and gently then increase the speed and pressure over the course of three to four minutes. 

Breathe over their butt cheeks. Kiss them. Suck them. Breathe them in. Slide your finger between them. Glide your nose between them. Roll your tongue around the area. Slurp, kiss, suck and slide.

Tease between their legs but wait to reach around and grab their hot spots. You are touching to build their pleasure as well as your own, so do what feels good for you.

Trickle your fingers down their thighs. Breathe between their legs. Alternate with firm strokes with your palms. Move from side to side, up and down, and in circular patterns to remain unpredictable. 

Deepen your breath. 

mindful sex

Spend at least five minutes on their thighs before exploring their calves, inner ankles, and feet. 

If they do not like to have a specific area touched (e.g., feet or knees), be mindful of their preferences. You can make exceptions to the every-square-inch rule to ensure emotional and physical comfort. 

Once you have caressed the entire backside from head to toe, move back up their legs for a second round and caress their hands and arms.

Experiencing orgasmic sensations in your hands can be overwhelming, so spend a few extra minutes exploring sensually here. 

Check-in with them and with yourself throughout the process. If you find that your mind wanders or if you have trouble staying present at any time, bring your focus back to your breath. After a few deep breaths, bring your attention to your fingertips and the sensation across your skin.

Once you’ve covered every square inch of their backside, using every means possible – your breath, lips, tongue, fingertips, palm, cheeks, and more and you can feel their breath deepening, roll them over.  

intentional intimacy

For the frontside, you’re going to start with their hands. Work your way up their arms slowly and sensually until you arrive at their head. 

And then you’re going to repeat the head-to-toe caress starting with their face…

Working your way down their neck…

Caressing their collarbone and shoulders…

Teasing around their chest…

Using your nose, fingertips, breath, cheeks, backs of hands, palms, and more…

Follow every contour of their body down their torso, between their thighs, around their calves, and eventually to their toes. Take your time. 

Stimulate every square inch.

Don’t miss a spot. 

how to have intense orgasms

Draw circulation across every square centimeter. 

Bring awareness to every curve and space. 

And then when you’re sure you’ve caressed every spot you can imagine, you can dive in for pleasure in whatever way suits you.

Play with oral, toys, intercourse, manual strokes, or anything else you know they love. Do what you enjoy most to bring them to the heights of pleasure. 

By this point, their entire body should be primed for pleasure, and they’ll be far more likely to experience high sexual energy and sensations across their body – in their cheeks, fingertips, thighs, and beyond.

They may find that their orgasm feels more intense.

Or it may feel more diffused across the body. 

They may feel a tingle in areas they’ve never noticed before.

Or they might simply enjoy the feeling of being caressed and adored – without any significant changes to orgasm and that’s okay too!

However you respond to this exploration, make sure you leave some time to connect at the end. Bask in the afterglow of climaxing. Snuggle and hold one another close. Laugh and be playful. Enjoy any other ritual that allows you to feel connected and at ease. 

And don’t forget to schedule another session to switch roles. There is so much value (and pleasure) in learning to be both a giver and a taker.