25 Sexy Date Ideas for Summer

By ASTROGLIDE Team Relationships

Summer Date Ideas for Artistic Souls

  1. Paint in the Park. Some of the best dating tips are less about blowing money and more about relaxing and expressing yourself. Grab some easels and paint together in the park — then give each other your creations when you’re done.
  2. Beautiful Music. From your local jazz festival to major events like Coachella, there are plenty of music festivals to choose from in the summer. Bring that tent and sleep over so you can enjoy dancing, day drinking and playing under the stars.
  3. Museum Match. Savor the AC at your local museum as you take in the art together. To make the experience more fun, play this game — in each room you enter, choose one piece of art that reminds you of your partner and list one reason why.

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Summer Date Ideas for Athletic Adventurers

  1. Get Your Om On. Sign up for an outdoor yoga class –it’ll get your blood pumping, plus all those positions may give you some ideas you can use when you get home!
  2. Night Swimming. Sneak into your condo’s pool after hours, or simply take a dip in your backyard. The solitude will make you feel like you’re floating in a world all your own.
  3. Go for a Hike. Wildflowers, waterfalls, spectacular views — you can see them all when you go hiking together — and if you’re lucky you might even find a secluded spot where you can explore more than just your local trails!
  4. Horseback Riding. What could be more romantic than riding horses into the sunset? Planning your ride at your local beach, of course!

Summer Date Ideas for Frisky Foodies

  1. Berry Romantic. It’s hard NOT to be romantic while you’re picking strawberries or raspberries in the countryside. Extend this date by making a special tart at home and enjoying it with a glass of sparkling wine.
  2. BBQ for Two. Here’s a little free dating advice: all you can eat BBQ is a whole lot more fun when you don’t have to share with all your weird cousins. Spring for the good stuff and enjoy some choice ribeyes or a whole rack of ribs. Wash it down with some craft beer and you’ve got the perfect summer date — all without leaving your backyard.
  3. Sip and Stroll. Bar crawls can get a little crazy by the end of the night, so why not have brunch and go for a “sip and stroll” in the afternoon instead? If your city hasn’t organized one, you can always create your own route to hit up your favorite spots and discover some new ones along the way.
  4. Farm Fresh. Check out your local farmer’s market and buy everything you need to make a romantic dinner for two — and don’t forget the local wine or beer!

Summer Date Ideas for Low-Key Lovers

  1. A Picture in the Park. Many parks show movies during warmer months. Spread out a blanket and cuddle up as you enjoy a movie and a cool summer breeze all at the same time.
  2. Drive-In Date. Though they may not be as common as they were when your parents were dating, drive-ins still exist! When you visit wear something sexy and see how easy it is to distract your date from the action on the screen.

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  1. Beach Bonfire. A crackling fire is romantic all on its own — but light it on a beach and you’ve created a special kind of magic. Don’t forget the beer and s’mores!
  2. Night Fishing. There are few things more memorable than enjoying the summer sounds of crickets and lapping water as you cuddle up on a pier together. At night, there are usually far fewer fishermen, so you’ll get more alone time and won’t feel as embarrassed when you snag your hook or reel in a pound of seaweed.

Summer Date Ideas for the Spontaneously Sexy

  1. Take a Drive. Rental cars aren’t just for business trips. Rent an Aston Martin and cruise through downtown in style. Valet anyone?
  2. Play at Pride. There are plenty of reasons to love gay pride parades and festivals — and even if you’re straight as an arrow, you can still have a great time checking out all the booths and performances. Some pride celebrations even have special adult-only sections where you can buy sex toys or try out whips and swings!
  3. Flashy Fundraising. Looking for date ideas that give you an excuse to get fancy? Dress your best and attend a charity ball or dinner. You’ll grow closer as a couple if you feel like you’re making a difference together, plus it never hurts to start an evening by getting in the giving mood.
  4. House Hunting. Spend a day checking out open houses together — even if you have no intention of buying. And if your date’s quick on their feet play a little game. Tell a different “story” to the realtor at each house about how you have twelve kids, or need a special room to display all of your award-winning taxidermies. Whoever laughs first buys lunch!
  5. Peep Show. Want a date that’ll get you in the mood? Check out a burlesque show together! The amazing costumes and sexy shimmying will definitely get your blood pumping, and the fun and welcoming atmosphere will put even the shyest daters at ease.
  6. Hit up a Hotel. Pack up your personal lube, handcuffs and sexy lingerie and head to a local hotel. You’ll get that vacation feeling that puts so many couples in the mood — and you won’t even have to take off work to do it!

Summer Date Ideas for the Young at Heart

  1. Boardwalk Bums. Hold hands, take in the view, try to win stuffed animals for each other, then enjoy an ice cream cone. If you ask us, that’s a pretty awesome date.
  2. Spooky Tours. Most cities have a pretty dark past, and taking a walking ghost tour won’t just give you a fun and entertaining history lesson — it’ll give you an excuse to cling tightly to your date!
  3. Pitch a Tent. There’s no need to brave mountain passes and grizzly bears — you can set a tent in your own backyard!
  4. Animal After Hours. Many national zoos stay open late during summer months — and some serve some pretty good drinks, too! Prowl around with your date and get in touch with your wild side.


Want to add an extra dose of spontaneity to these date ideas? Ask your partner to pick a number between one and 25, then promise to go through with whichever date they’ve chosen! And remember — you don’t have to stop with one date. You can try as many of these dating tips and ideas as you want.

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Before you know it, summer will pass by and when that happens, you can try these fun fall date ideas!

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