22 Sexy Costume Ideas for Couples

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You know that you’d love to do a couple’s costume with your main squeeze, but you’re not quite sure where to start. There are so many options and only a few short weeks to pull the whole look together. You’d hate to have to settle for a played-out Halloween costume that everyone has seen a million times, but you’re running short on time and ideas.

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. It’s not too late to find the perfect couple’s costume for you and your partner. We’ve put together a list of unique, fun, and sexy costume ideas to get you started.

Pop Culture Couples Costumes

Every Halloween, you have the option to dress in a classic costume – an angel, a ghost, a cat — you know the drill. And while all those costumes are great, some of the best costume ideas on October 31 are ripped straight from the hottest and most iconic pop culture headlines. Here are a few of our favorites: 

drag halloween costume

RuPaul and a Drag Race Contestant 

What’s more fun than dressing in drag? You are your partner will be sure to turn heads as the infamous RuPaul and a contestant on Drag Race. Whatever you choose to wear, you’ll be sure to radiate self-love and self-confidence, like the queen herself. But just remember… you better WORK. 

Rachel and Ross from Friends 

In honor of the reunion special, dress as your favorite 90’s sitcom couple this Halloween by recreating Rachel and Ross’s Vegas Wedding look, or a fake mustache and cat whiskers. Simple, effective, and fun.   

Kendall and Kylie 

Although the Kardashian’s reality TV series is over, you can still Keep Up by recreating the Jenner sisters iconic, matching Met Gala looks. Bring out the boas and purple wig, because you’re doing amazing sweetie. 

The Rose Family from Schitt’s Creek 

If you’re not as obsessed with Schitt’s Creek as we are, we’re *very uninterested in that option.*  Whether you and your partner choose to dress as everyone’s favorite son, David, and his business partner Patrick, or you opt to be “a little bit Alexis,” you can’t go wrong with a Schitt’s Creek-inspired ensemble. Just remember to fold in the cheese.  

Jackie and Kelso from That 70’s Show 

Grab your bell-bottoms and throw on some tie-dye because we’re going back to the ’70s! Not only is a hippie costume fun, but it’s easy to pull together using items you likely already have in your closet. Think flowy tops, headbands, tinted sunglasses… whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have your partner saying, “DAMN Jackie!” 


Funny Couples Costumes 

If you and your significant other are a couple that is always making your friends laugh, these hilarious Halloween costumes are a must-wear. Whether you’re a pro at punny or downright ridiculous, these costume ideas will be a winner in any contest. 

Instagram Filters 

If you and your S.O. are as obsessed with Instagram filters as we are, you’ll get a kick out of this idea. Just pull up your Instagram stories and screenshot your favorite filter. Then, print it out and cut a hole in the middle to fit your face. To finish the look, use make-up and accessories to recreate the filter’s effects – we’re partial to the heart sunglasses ourselves. 

Each Other 

It doesn’t get simpler and more fun than this – raid your partner’s closet and recreate one of their most classic looks. Then, have them do the same to you. Keep the look a surprise until you’re ready to reveal the full costume to each other. It’s guaranteed to get a laugh. 


Pay homage to the classic board game by having one partner dress as a *sexy* nurse and the other as the patient. Then after Halloween festivities are over you can play doctor and do some operating in the bedroom (or in the kitchen, or shower…) 

BAE (Bacon & Eggs) 

What better way to celebrate Halloween with your BAE by dressing as BAE – bacon, and eggs, that is! The perfect breakfast pairing couples as the perfect couple’s costume, and one that Ron Swanson approves of. 

Netflix & Chill 

We live for a good punny couples costume, and this one is easy to DIY with your partner. Best part – you can show up to the Halloween party in your favorite jammies or sweats or opt to stay in and do a bit of Netflix and chilling yourselves. 

Spooky Couples Costumes 

Part of the fun of Halloween is that it’s one of the only times of the year where all things spooky and scary are celebrated. Even if you’re not a fan of horror movies, slasher films, or haunted houses, most people can admit that scary couples costumes can be really fun – and even sexy – if done well. Here are a few examples: 


spooky couples costume

Sexy Skeletons 

Skeletons are a spooky staple of Halloween, so you can’t go wrong with this iconic costume. You can also take this in many different directions – pay homage to Day of the Dead with a floral headdress, transform into a skeletal bride and groom, or opt to go more scantily clad. Either way, you’ll be guaranteed to see more than one bone, if you know what we mean.   

Alien Invasion 

Talk a walk on the supernatural side and adorn your own alien costume. The best part is no one truly knows what aliens look like, so you have the freedom to really make it your own. Just be sure to cum in peace. 😉 

Zombie School Boy & School Girl

Sexy schoolgirl, but make it spooky by transforming you and your partner into flesh-eating zombies for the evening. This costume also presents a fun opportunity to do a little role play and act out the part – consider it your Walking Dead audition.   

Killer Clowns 

There are few things creepier than a clown, making it the perfect creepy-tastic costume for you and your partner. IT is also a great opportunity to have fun and get creative with face paint/make-up, wigs, and more (see what we did there?) 

Vampires and Werewolves 

Do your own take on Twilight with your S.O. this Halloween by dressing as a blood-sucking vampire and howling werewolf. You’ll be thinking “Edward who?” by the end of the night, and we promise there will be some sucking and howling in the bedroom. 

Cartoon Couples Costumes

You and your partner may be adults in the bedroom but still young at heart, in which case these cartoon-inspired costumes are for you. From the classic video game characters to Disney classics, here are the best couples’ costumes inspired by your childhood favorites: 

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible 

Slap on some eye masks, break out the spandex, and transform you and your S.O. into Pixar’s hottest crime-fighting couple. There’s nothing like brute strength and *super* flexibility to get us in the mood. 

Mario and Luigi 

You don’t need to be a gamer to get into this costume. The best part is that it’s super simple – all you need is a little red and green. Oh, and don’t forget the fake mustaches. Then late at night you and your partner can have your own Super Mario Party. 

Woody and Buzz

By dressing up as these iconic cartoon BFFs, your night is sure to go to infinity and beyond. And by the end of the night, there may be more than one Woody in your bedroom, if you catch our drift. 

Cosmo and Wanda 

Fans of the early-2000’s Nickelodeon cartoon will remember Timmy’s legendary Fairly OddParents. The duo makes for a fun and easy Halloween costume. All you need is a couple of green and pink wigs and wants and you’re well on your way (but for real, how badly did you want your own Cosmo and Wanda?!)

Anna and Elsa 

Let it goooo, let it goooo and don’t hold back anything if you’re opting to embody the sister princesses of Arendelle this Halloween. You can also use this as an opportunity to play with temperature in the bedroom. Can you say Frozen? 

Historical Couples Costumes 

Whether it be a knight or a king, a god or a Gatsby, pulling inspiration from the past can be a great route to take for your couple’s costume. Below are our favorite historical couple costume ideas spanning from prehistory to the 1920s. 

historical halloween costumes


Greek Gods 

Whether it be Aphrodite and Apollo or Zeus and Hades, you are your S.O. will have fun playing god for the evening. Plus, this costume allows you to literally take the sheets into the streets. Toga party anyone? 

Great Gatsby 

Hello, old sport! We’re back in the roaring ’20s, so what better way to pay homage than by celebrating Halloween Gatsby style. You and your partner can pair up in your best suits, flapper dresses, or a combination of the two. 

Cavemen or Cavewomen 

Early humans had it right – the less clothes, the better. Which makes dressing up as a caveman or cavewoman equal parts easy and sexy. We recommend hitting the sheets before the streets to achieve that early-human, pre-shampoo-era hair look.  

Wild Wild West 

Will Smith said it best, welcome to the Wild Wild West! You and your S.O. can’t go wrong with classic matching cowboy/cowgirl outfits. It’s an easy costume to pull together using clothes you likely already have – daisy dukes, flannels, and a hat to top it off (assless chaps are optional but encouraged). 

Medieval Times 

Whether you’re a knight in shining armor or a damsel in distress, you and your partner will have fun transporting back to the Middle Ages for the night. Just be sure to engage in some swordplay of your own. 

We hope these ideas got your creative juices flowing. But whatever you choose to dress up as, Halloween is all about having fun and experiencing something new with your partner, whether it’s a new flame or you’re couple costume pros. 

Have a safe, fun, and sexy Halloween!