41 Sex Terms You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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We consider ourselves well-versed in the world of sex, but it turns out that are quite a few sex terms we didn’t know existed. Consider our interest piqued with these fetishes and sex terms!

18 Fetishes That Actually Exist

With so much hype surrounding a certain kinky book and film these days, fetishes involving handcuffs and blindfolds have become mainstream. Meanwhile, countless sex enthusiasts are quietly enjoying a host of fetishes that many people might be surprised to learn actually exist.

In our ongoing campaign of inclusivity, we thought it was only fair to shine a spotlight on some of these lesser-known fetishes that are just as real as BDSM to the people who partake in them.

1.  Agalmatophilia

So you fancy yourself an art lover? If your attraction to statues extends into sexual fantasy, you might have agalmatophilia. This fetish also involves a lust for mannequins and dolls, which is a bit easier to appease with the realism of today’s modern sex dolls.

2.  Autoplushophilia

Do you get aroused dressing up as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal? You’re not alone. Many fine folks within the furry fandom community enjoy this fun fetish while only a small percentage of them also claim to be plushophiles (i.e., turned on by stuffed animals).

3.  Formicophilia

Believe it or not, there are people who not only enjoy having insects crawl on them, but get their jollies from it. To each their own but, we have to be honest, this one sort of bugs us.

4.  Gerontophilia

Although recent research shows that the number one term people search for on porn sites is “teen” followed by “milf” in third-place, the nubile college girls and sly cougars aren’t for everyone. Gerontophilia refers to those who prefer the sexual allure of senior citizens. Score one for the Golden Girls!

18 Fetishes That Actually Exist

5.  Katoptronophilia

If you’ve ever fantasized about getting busy in the House of Mirrors at your local carnival, you may have katoptronophilia — a condition that involves being aroused by having sex in front of mirrors. Then again, you may just be extremely vain — like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho vain.

6.  Knismolagnia

Do you consider being tickled torturous or titillating? If you chose the latter, you may be a knismolagniac. If you are, you might want to seek out playmates who have titillagnia (you guessed it, a sexual fetish for tickling others).

7.  Nasolingus

While sex organs and occasionally fingers or toes are often thought of as the most erogenous appendages to nibble and suck on, people with nasolingus are far more turned on by sucking on their partner’s nose. This gives a whole new meaning to the term, nose job.

8.  Nebulophilia

If you’ve ever wondered why you get excited on foggy mornings, it could be more than an affinity for John Carpenter’s 1980 horror classic — you may actually be sexually attracted to the fog!

9.  Podophilia

No, we’re not talking about a sci-fi fetish involving sex in a Matrix-like pod. Podophilia is an arousal to feet and it’s actually one of the more common kinks on our list. Don’t believe us? Google “foot fetish” — we’ll wait. Just be sure to clear your browser history if you’re reading this at work.

10.  Pubephilia

More than one recent report indicates that pubic hair is making a comeback. If you have pubephilia, this could be the dawning of a glorious new era in hair down there.

11.  Oculophilia

Oculophiles are people who have a sexual attraction to eyes. This could be as mild as a proclivity for a certain shape or eye color, but more often oculophilia refers to those who actually prefer sexual contact with the eyeball. With this vision in mind, you’ll never look at your optometrist the same.

12.  Osmolagnia

Some people need dirty talk to get their juices flowing. Others require a sexy visual. Osmolagniacs, on the other hand, are most stimulated by smells (particularly body odors). So take it easy on the Axe Body Spray and let your pheromones do their thing the way nature intended.

13.  Pony Play

One of the most popular forms of human-animal roleplay is Pony Play. We’re not talking about the adult version of playing dollie with your My Little Pony figures. This is a real, underground scene and offshoot of the BDSM community in which one partner takes on the role of a pony. This often includes harnesses, brushes, costumes, and even rewarding good behavior with a carrot (though we’re not sure if that’s metaphorically speaking or refers to actual vegetable treats).

Fetishes That Actually Exist

14.  Retifism

Dr. Jess points out on her blog that retifism refers to sexual arousal that is derived from shoes. As she so eloquently explains “Since the foot is the most common fetish in North America, it’s no surprise that there are a ton of retifists in our midst. Here’s to sky-high heels in the bedroom!”

15.  Salirophilia

Salirophiles enjoy dirtying, damaging and defiling the appearance of others. If you’ve ever fantasized about smearing someone’s makeup or tearing their clothing to shreds, you may be a salirophile. If you plan to act on this urge, be sure to get consent (and the number of a good tailor).

16.  Sapiosexual

If you find yourself coyly lingering around your professor’s podium after class or if crashing a MENSA meeting is your idea of the perfect singles club — you may be a sapiosexual. This means you’re turned on by intelligence smarty pants.

17.  Sacofricosis

While we consider this more a stroke of genius than a fetish, sacofricosis is when someone makes a hole in their pocket to allow handy access for stealth public masturbation.

18.  Xylophilia

Does wood, well, give you wood? Xylophilia is an actual fetish and might just explain why some of your schoolmates spent so much time earning extra credit in woodshop class. Watch out for splinters!

Sex Terms Bonus Round — 23 Sexual Innuendos

Now that you’ve done your homework and increased your coital vocabulary to sexpert level, we thought it would be fun to end the article with a less scholastic list of sex terms.

Even the word “innuendo” sounds dirty in a juvenile way. Here are some of our favorite euphemisms for intercourse that might just make your mom blush.

1. Banging 7. Doing the Nasty 13. Humping 19. Quickie
2. Boinking 8. Getting Busy 14. Knocking Boots 20. Rolling in the Hay
3. Boning 9. Getting Your Groove On 15. Making the Beast with Two Backs 21. Screwing
4. Bumping Uglies 10. Gland-to-Gland Combat 16. Making Sexy Time 22. Shagging
5. Doing It 11. Hanky Panky 17. Making Whoopee 23. Sleeping Together
6. Doing the Mattress Dance 12. Hooking Up 18. Nooner

So there you have it — a glorious glossary to bookmark and share. As mature as we try to be, sex terms still have a way of making us giggle like school children telling dirty jokes at recess. There’s no shame in that because, in addition to providing the best lube for sex, ASTROGLIDE is committed to removing the stigma and taboo surrounding conversations about sex.

We realize that humor is a major part of a healthy sex life and we’re not above a silly “that’s what she said” gag to lighten the mood. So if we omitted any of your favorite sex terms, please share them in the comment section below!



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