Our Roots in Rocket Science: Out of this World Pleasure & Endless Possibilities

By ASTROGLIDE Team Personal Lubricant

ASTROGLIDE’S Foundation in Rocket Science

In 1977, a young rocket scientist working on the Space Shuttle Enterprise made a discovery that would intimately enhance the lives of millions around the globe. While working at Edwards Air Force Base to improve the heat transfer in the cooling system of the shuttle orbiter, he discovered a solution that was water-soluble and non-toxic. It was also exceptionally slippery when hydrated. Inspiration struck. 

The young scientist bottled up some of the solution and gifted it to a colleague as a birthday gag. When the birthday boy came back for a refill, he knew he had a product that would help people explore exciting new frontiers in pleasure and ASTROGLIDE was born. 

The young scientist was ASTROGLIDE Inventor, Daniel X. Wray. Dan experimented with over three hundred different versions before settling on the perfect silky-smooth formula that we know and love today. He licensed it to a small North Hollywood-based company in 1982 and continued his work as a rocket scientist, drawing on his chemistry and physics degrees, engineering expertise, and insatiable curiosity. But Dan was truly an inventor and entrepreneur at heart. When the company that licensed the original product closed in 1991, he purchased the rights back and with a small business loan of $8500 BioFilm was born, with ASTROGLIDE its flagship product. The name gave a nod to Dan’s rocket science roots as well as the product’s smooth gliding texture.

Our Founder Was a Self-Proclaimed “Mad Scientist”

Dan described himself as a mad scientist and had big dreams to change the world. He was imaginative and an unconventional thinker. His middle initial X stands for Xenophon, as in the Greek historian and philosopher, which he chose when the DMV told him he needed a middle name on his driver’s license. Through his unique way of thinking, Dan became a prosperous inventor and entrepreneur who loved nothing more than helping others rise to their fullest potential. 

His drive to help others wasn’t limited to his work at BioFilm. Dan was also a force in his community, chairing and sponsoring so many community organizations and events that one city official said, “We have to be careful that we not ask him to get into too many things because he’s so willing to jump right in. We don’t want to abuse that willingness to lend a hand.”

That same spirit of community and helping others achieve their potential was a core tenet of his leadership at BioFilm. His employees describe him as intuitive, kind and generous to a fault, a true inventor who wanted to make his employee’s lives and the world a better place. While Dan passed away in 2018 after a quick battle with cancer, his legacy lives on not only through his wife, Lois (they were married for 32 years) and his three children, but also in the lives he touched at BioFilm and in his community.

The Future of Our Founder’s Legacy

In the spirit of our founder, we continue to be dedicated to changing lives for the better. This includes inspiring every individual to explore out-of-this-world pleasure and intimacy. We continue to uncover ways to enhance quality of life with innovative, new products. If Dan taught us anything, it is that the possibilities are endless, and there is no limit to what we can do.