7 Must-Have Additions to Your S&M Toy Box

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Ever wonder what a good S&M toy collection looks like? We’ve got you covered with all the toys you need to build your S&M toy box.

1.) The Right Chest

Before you can start amassing your kinky arsenal, you’ll need to choose how you’ll store your sex toys.

A Tiny Toy Box. Not all of us need an extra room to store all of our bedroom bondage gear. If you think you’ll be happy with a few small spicy items, choose a toy box that’s small enough to fit on your nightstand. You can even repurpose a jewelry box like this one that’s lined with red velvet.

Secret Storage. Want to make the most of your toy box? Store your sex toys in an ottoman with a secret compartment. There’s never been a spicier way to add seating to your bedroom!

Naughty Narnia. If you’re planning on collecting as many kinky toys and tools as you can get your hands on, we recommend opting for a full wardrobe — one with locks, of course.

2.) Classic Sex Toys

7 Must-Have Additions to Your S&M Toy Box

Old Faithful. If there’s a sex toy more widely used than the dildo, we can’t think of it. Try a simple dildo with a sleek design that’s sure to offer G-spot stimulation like the LELO Ella. And don’t forget about the male G-spot!

Good Vibrations. Ramp that dildo up a notch by selecting one with multiple vibration settings. Choose a “rabbit” style vibe for added clitoral stimulation or ditch the dildo style altogether and opt for a more precise pocket vibe.

The Perfect Plug. Anal plugs come in third in our list of classic sex toys. To make this addition to your toy chest special, choose a blown glass or jeweled plug with extra sparkle.

3.) Whips, Feathers and Crops (OH MY!)

Light as a Feather. Tantalize and tease with a classic feather whip. If you’ve never used a whip before in the bedroom, this is a great place to start.
7 Must-Have Additions to Your BDSM Toy Box

A Training Crop. Nothing helps an eager partner obey your commands better than a classic riding crop.

Get Cracking. If you’re ready to really punish that naughty partner of yours, adding a leather whip with a braided handle to your sex toy box is an absolute must.

4.) Bedroom Bondage Tools

Beginner’s Bondage. If you’ve never been tied up or tied up someone yourself, beginning with bondage tape is the way to go. It allows you to practice and experiment safely and easily until you figure out the bondage scenarios and positions that really rev your engines.

Sexy Straps. Make the most of that four-post bed with a bedroom restraint kit. You’ll love teasing and pleasing your partner as they beg for release.

Roped and Ready. Where art meets BDSM, you’ll find Japanese bondage rope. Its strength and silky texture make it perfect for putting partners in any position you can dream up — and keeping them there for as long as they like.

5.) Collars and Cuffs

7 Must-Have Additions to Your S&M Toy Box: Restraints

Comfy Collar. Not all collars are created equal. Choose one that’ll keep your partner comfortable — like this adjustable collar that’s lined with soft faux fur.

Kinky Cuffs. Forget metal police cuffs that can cut and bruise wrists. Opt for supple leather cuffs instead. You can even match them to your collar to complete your look!

Leading Leashes. What’s the use of a collar without a leash? Faux or real leather versions can even double as whips for impact play.

6.) The Perfect Sex Lube

astroglide lubes for sex

Silicone Lube. If you’re getting down and dirty with a whole collection of new whips and chains, consider ASTROGLIDE X Silicone your new favorite sex lube. This unique formula boasts serious staying power, and it’s great for water play.

Warming Lube. ASTROGLIDE Warming Lube is great for getting in the mood — and even better for teasing a partner with vibes and other toys while they’re tied up!

Gentle Lube. In the world of S&M, there’s good pain and there’s bad pain. For sensitive skin, there’s no better choice of sex lube than ASTROGLIDE Ultra Gentle Gel.

7.) Slings and Swings

Classic Swing. You may need a bigger toy box for this one. Adjustable ceiling-hanging harnesses like the Trinity Sex Swing include padded stirrups for comfort and powerful springs to making swinging and bouncing even more fun.

Suspension Bars. Use a suspension bar to immobilize your partner’s hands or feet (or both) while you tease them with all your favorite sex toys.

Arm Binders. If you don’t have the patience for tying intricate knots with Japanese bondage rope, arm and leg binders are the way to go.

Begin Your Own S&M Toy Collection

You could rush out and buy everything on this list, but if you ask us it’s much more fun to purchase sex toys one at a time — it prolongs the excitement and helps you learn what you like as you go. Plus, springing a single pocket vibe or satin blindfold on your partner is a lot less jarring than welcoming them home from a weekend away with a completely outfitted pleasure dungeon.

Now that you’ve seen our bedroom bondage selections, tell us — which sex toys are in your S&M toy box? Tweet us @ASTROGLIDE.

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