How To Turn Mr. Right Now Into Mr. Right

By ASTROGLIDE Team Dating Advice

So you’re ready to take it to the next level? Check our best tips on how to turn Mr. Right Now into Mr. Right.

1. Make sure you’re ready.

Relationships are a commitment. They require regular communication, making time for each other, and sacrifice. Are you ready for that? Or are you more committed to your career and your social life? Figure it out before you end up breaking his heart.

2. Define “boyfriend.”

Every couple has a different dynamic. Some guys want to be the one-and-only—talking or texting all day, and together at every free moment. Others are fine with something a little more open or low-key. Think about your own expectations before making the leap and you’re more likely to land in a happy, healthy relationship.

3. Pay attention to his signals.

You feel things are different with him, and get a little tingle every time you’re together. But does he feel the same way? If you’re sensing a vibe, that’s good. If you haven’t met his friends, and he only calls after the clubs have all closed, not so much.

4. Get to know each other.

Casual flings are great, but relationships are about really getting to know the other person. That’s not going to happen if your only interaction is hooking up when the mood strikes. So ask him out on a real date, somewhere away from the bedroom where you can really talk and share some experiences. If it’s right, things will just click. Then you can go back to the bedroom.

5. Say what you want.

He’s not going to read your mind, so tell him how you feel. You could simply say that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, or play it in reverse and tell him you think it’s best to stop seeing each other, because you’re looking for something more serious. Either way, start talking about it. Good communication is key to keeping that relationship healthy.

6. Break it off with any others.

Once you both have decided you’re a full-fledged couple, you need to officially take yourself off the market. Let the guys who weren’t up to snuff know you’re no longer available. It’ll breed trust with your new partner (and do away with any temptations to stray).


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