How To Pick The Right-Sized Condom

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First of all, Dr. Drai loves the male condom.

If the condom fits properly, it shouldn’t slip off or break, so you’re less likely to get preggo or catch an STD. Just to let you know, condoms are sized in length and girth (width or thickness). And here’s something most people don’t realize — the girth is WAY more important than the length! Let’s go over some tricks for you to pick the right condom for your man’s penis.
Trick #1: Measure the girth (thickness) of his penis when it’s erect.

Trick #2: If his girth is less than 4.7 inches wide, he needs a “snug fit” condom. Try Beyond Seven Studded OR Glyde Slim Fit.

Trick #3: If his girth is between 4.7-5.1 inches wide, he can use a “regular fit” condom. Try Lifestyles Skyn OR Durex PleasureMax.

Trick #4: If his girth is between 5.1-6 inches wide, he needs a “larger fit” condom. Size queens can I get an amen?! Try the FC2 female condom. Just take the inner thick ring out of the female condom and it turns into a male condom. Cool right?

How To Pick The Right Condom Size

How to Measure a Penis Without A Measuring Tape

In case you don’t have a measuring tape handy, don’t worry. You can also check his penile girth by putting his erect penis in an empty toilet paper roll. To measure, use these simple guidelines:

If there’s too much room in the roll, he needs a snugger fit.

If his penis fits comfortably in the roll, he’s a regular fit.

If his penis can’t fit in the roll, he’s large. That’s pretty simple, right?

Remember to Be Prepared

Be careful, ladies and have some condom sense — always have three different size condoms with you at all times. You never know if your new guy will have a small, regular, or large penis. If you’re not experienced with condoms, you should practice putting a condom on a banana before you get too excited when you see the real thing. Practice makes perfect.

Oh and one more thing — make sure to use only latex-safe lubes with latex condoms!

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