How to Pack the Ultimate Overnight Bag

By ASTROGLIDE Team Dating Advice

When you were a kid, sleepovers and an overnight bag were simple. You threw your pjs into your backpack, grabbed your coolest Disney sleeping bag and bam — you were ready to party. But adult sleepovers are a different animal altogether. While you may begin the night with your favorite movie and some pizza, you’ll (hopefully) end it with a mind-blowing orgasm.

If you’re a gal who’s planning on sleeping over at a guy’s house, ditch the sleeping bag, grab the sex lube, and prepare the ultimate overnight bag.

The Complete Overnight Bag Checklist for Adults:

A Variety of Condoms. You can’t always count on a guy to supply condoms, even if you’re crashing at his pad. Bring at least three (in case you feel extra frisky or one malfunctions) and if possible, select a variety of types — every guy has a brand or style he prefers.

Condom-Safe Sex Lube. You never know when you might need some help with lubrication. Choose a personal sex lubricant that’s condom-friendly like ASTROGLIDE Liquid or ASTROGLIDE X Silicone Gel(an especially great choice if there’s a chance you’ll be getting busy in the shower or hot tub).

Shower Wipes. These pre-moistened towelettes can help you feel fresh before and after sex, and are a great stand-in when a full shower just isn’t an option.

Scented Lotion. Keep skin touchably soft and smooth without piling on fragrance by using a lightly scented lotion. Just be sure not to slather it on when you disappear to powder your nose. There’s a fine line between supple and slippery.

Black Ballet Flats. No one wants to jog to the bus stop in last night’s five-inch heels. A sleek pair of ballet flats are the perfect solution.

Yoga Pants. What if he slips into sweats and leaves you standing there in your mini dress? It’s time to get comfy and break out the yoga pants — they’re notoriously flattering but casual at the same time.

Hangover Helper. After a night of drunken debauchery, feel like yourself again with some Ibuprofen, chewable Pepto Bismol tablets and a packet of Emergen-C. It’s a hangover-vanquishing trifecta.

Hair Essentials. Pack a hair tie, brush and go-to styling product to tame your tresses after a roll in the hay.

Toothbrush and Mints. There are few things less sexy than super stinky breath. Bring your own toothbrush and a pack of mints or mint gum to ward of morning breath and stay kissably fresh.

Finish Up Packing

Keep in mind that you may want to be a bit coy when choosing your overnight bag. Select a large hobo bag or tote instead of a duffle bag. Most guys will be more than a little freaked out if you show up for your third date looking like you’re prepared to spend a month trekking through the Rockies. It’s also a good idea to use a makeup bag inside your tote to organize smaller items like sex lube and condoms.

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