How To Have Sex While You’re Pregnant

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Pregnant Sex Can Actually Feel Better

Penetrative sex may feel better during a healthy pregnancy because of increased blood flow to the pelvic area. This can increase your sex drive, heighten your sensations during vaginal sex and make orgasms easier to achieve. It’s all about your hormones — progesterone and particularly estrogen. Estrogen increases while pregnant, thus increasing blood flow and making the vagina lubricated. It also makes the nipples and boobs go wild. Although don’t be fooled — that same hormone can make the first trimester the pits. Every pregnancy will be unique, and the things your body will feel will differ. When talking about your desire to “knock the boots” there is going to be a change, too. It is not uncommon for sex drives to change from trimester to trimester during a healthy pregnancy.

How to Have Sex While Pregnant

Is Pregnant Sex Safe?

The short answer is yes — vaginal sex while you’re pregnant is safe. Sexual intercourse does not hurt the baby. As an FYI about safe sex for pregnant women, and his penis doesn’t poke the baby either, regardless of which sex positions you try! That’s the most common question that I get from my patients’ partners about pregnancy sex. Let’s review some pregnancy sex DO’s:

  • You have to find a comfy sex position. I recommend spooning as a sex position, or with the woman on top, or doggie style (with a pillow under her belly of course).
  • Take your time to set the mood before having sex while pregnant. Light candles, put on a jazz record — it may feel silly, but it works!
  • Relax and have fun during sexual activities.
  • This is a great time to incorporate toys like clitoral vibrators to tantalize areas that may be hard to reach in certain sex positions.
  • Giving oral sex is perfectly safe for your sexual health while pregnant, as long as there is no risk of you getting an STD or negatively impacting your sexual health. Your baby can get infected if you contract one, so it is important to practice safe sex.
  • And of course — there’s no need to worry about you getting pregnant.

Sexual Activity to Avoid When Pregnant

Sometimes your doctor will tell you to stay away from penises, dildos, or vibrators while pregnant, even if you have a strong sex drive. If you are at increased risk of preterm labor, your water broke, your placenta is at the level of your cervix, you have a floppy cervix, have a herpes outbreak, or have any vaginal bleeding, your OBGYN or midwife will recommend NO SEX.

If you are on bed rest, proceed with caution and take a break from having sex while pregnant, as orgasms from sexual intercourse can make your uterus contract (which can lead to complications for pregnant women).

Sex during pregnancy can be both pleasurable and healthy, but it’s important to always practice safe sex for pregnant women. Remember sex is still okay to have after the baby is born. You just have to wait to resume your sex life until 6 weeks postpartum or until your healthcare provider gives you the okay. You will definitely need lube, though — the vagina tends to get dry after the baby is born. This should improve over time and most often returns to normal completely after about six months (though every woman is different). As an FYI, breastfeeding also decreases vaginal lubrication. Lube up and have FUN.


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