How to Have More Quickies

By ASTROGLIDE Team Relationships

For couples who are looking to jumpstart their sex lives and connect more, quickies are the perfect solution. Not only will you infuse some much-needed excitement back into your sexual routine, but quickies are just that — quick — so you won’t need to invest a huge amount of time or effort to get your sex life back on track.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite sex tips for having amazing quickies to get you started:

Get Yourself in the Mood

Often, just knowing that you want to have more quickies isn’t enough to make a quickie actually happen.

While you might be craving some more spontaneity in your sex life, the reality of our busy, day-to-day lives is that we’re often too distracted by everything else that is going on to remember to take the time for a quickie.

While one of the perks of having a quickie is that you can skip the foreplay and get down to business, most people’s sex drive doesn’t operate like a switch that can be turned on and off at a moment’s notice. A great sex tip for having more quickies is to start doing little things to get yourself in the mood ahead of time. This can be as simple as taking a few minutes during lunch, on your drive home, or while doing the dishes to fantasize about your partner. Think about the parts of their body that turn you on the most or remember a particularly steamy tryst you’ve had in the past. This way when you and your partner finally get a few minutes alone, having a quickie will the first thing on your mind.

Let Your Partner Know You Want It

If you want to have a great quickie, it’s a good idea to get your partner in the mood ahead of time, too.

Nothing makes a person feel sexier than feeling desired, so let your partner know that you can’t wait to get your hands on them. Send a sexy text or slip a note in their pocket as they walk out the door in the morning. Just find a way to let them know that when they see you next, they’re going to be in for some fun.

The anticipation of knowing what’s to come will have your partner fantasizing about you all day and when the time finally comes, he or she will be as ready as you are.

Couple Having a Quickie

Do It When You Don’t Have Time

One of the best things about a quickie is that it can help couples recapture the intensity of the early stages of their relationship when they just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

While a quickie can be fun anytime, a great sex tip is to intentionally have quickies when you don’t quite have time for one. There’s an undeniable thrill in doing something a little naughty. And showing each other that having a steamy sex life is still a top priority can help couples feel closer and more bonded — not to mention lead to hotter sex in the future.

Whether you’re rushing out the door to meet friends for dinner or getting ready for the morning commute to work, knowing that you are on borrowed time will only heighten the intensity of the experience.

You might end up being a few minutes late but in the grand scheme of things those few minutes are nothing compared to the jump start your sex life will get when you let your partner know that you have to have him or her right now.

Get It On Anywhere (Within Reason)

The thrill of having a quickie is getting caught up in the passion of the moment, so don’t feel like you have to keep your fun in the bedroom.

You and your partner can get it on anywhere with a locking door or a few minutes of assured privacy, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Bathrooms, offices, and cars with tinted windows can all be prime locations for a quickie if you’re feeling adventurous.

There’s nothing hotter than getting busy at a time and place when you normally wouldn’t. Next time you are at a boring office party try sending your partner a sexy text asking him or her to meet you somewhere secluded for a quickie. Your spontaneity and the excitement of sneaking around will only add to your pleasure once you get each other alone. Just be careful not to get caught.

Have the Lube Ready

Even if you and your partner are already totally hot for each other, it can take a few minutes to get the juices flowing, which can waste precious time when you are wanting to have a quickie.

The best thing about fast, hot, gotta-have-you-now sex is the thrill of the spontaneous, so don’t let the shortened time frame hold you back from getting down to business. Having a great lube on standby will ensure that you and your partner can have a smoking hot quickie at the drop of a hat, without any discomfort.

Another great quickie sex tip is that when you’re pressed for foreplay time, lubing each other can be a sexy way to get you both turned on and ready to go. Try experimenting with different kinds of lube like a great warming lube or a flavored lube to add an added dose of novelty and excitement to your quickie.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The point of having a quickie is to have fun and connect with your partner, so make sure that you keep that as your main focus.

When you’re getting it on when you’re pressed for time or crammed into your friend’s guest bathroom, there can be all kinds of minor mishaps. From awkward positions that just aren’t working to accidentally bumping heads in the middle of the act, you’re bound to have some glitches. If you go into it not expecting perfection you can laugh it off together.

Also — and this almost goes without saying — when you’re having a quickie, an orgasm shouldn’t be your only goal. No matter how turned on you and your partner are, a few minutes isn’t always enough to achieve climax. You both might get there and you might not. The important thing is to not stress about it and just enjoy the fun and intimacy of the moment. The less worried you are about orgasms, the more likely you are to have them. And if you or your partner don’t quite get there, you can always finish the job later on — which can be lots of fun, too.

Partners Having a Quickie

Find the Right Position

While orgasming isn’t everything, it doesn’t hurt to set yourself up for success in the climax department.

Some positions lend themselves to faster orgasms (particularly for her) which makes them a great go-to when you’re having a quickie. Bend over a couch or countertop for some added friction or position yourself so that you can stimulate each other manually as well.

Making sure that you are both getting a little extra attention where you need it will increase your chances of ending your quickie with a bang and not a whimper.

Make Feeling Sexy a Priority

Another great sex tip — not just for quickies, but for your sex life in general — is to make feeling sexy a priority in your life.

It’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilities and stress of our day-to-day lives and let our sex lives take a backseat to everything else. However, your sex drive is a lot like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it can be easy to lose it. Not only can this have a negative impact on your relationship, but it can actually be bad for your health.

Having sex actually has a wide variety health benefits including boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart attack, and improving the quality of your sleep. Even better, having sex actually boosts your libido, so once you start making sex a priority you’ll only want to do it more. It’s a win-win for your relationship and your health.

So don’t be afraid to pamper yourself and take the time to do the things that make you feel sexy. Take a long candle-lit bath, wear clothes and fragrances that make you feel your best, or play your favorite sultry Beyoncé track while you wait for your partner to get home. Whatever it is that makes you feel sexy and powerful is worth investing in – for your sake and your partner’s.

So what do you think about these sex tips?

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