How to Be a Sex God: 4 Tips from a Sex Goddess

By Dr. Jess Sexual Health

Ever wondered where you rank in bed among her partners? We’ve all been there. And we all want to claim the number one spot. Learn how to be a sex god from a sex goddess herself.

1. Initiate with Confidence

The poke-from-behind is for amateurs. Be a sex god and seduce her with style. Send her escalating texts throughout the day with promises of what’s to come. Light a few candles and pour her a glass of wine. Pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. Bend her over and whisper in her ear. I have to have you now. Caress her entire body (avoiding her sweet spots) for fifteen minutes before going down on her. Kiss her passionately with your hands on the back of her head or press her up against the wall as you drop to your knees to rile her up.

2. Talk Dirty to Take Her Over The Top

Dirty talk is one of the most powerful tools in your sexual arsenal — you simply have to hone the skill to reap its rewards.

Start by expressing your ravenous desire for her body (e.g. I’m aching for you. I’m pining to be inside of you.) and complimenting her technique (e.g. You’re the best at that.). Keep telling her how sexy she is (e.g. Every man wants a woman like you) as you describe how she makes you feel in explicit detail (e.g. I get rock hard looking at you.)

And remember that when going down on a woman, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk with your mouth full — especially if you’re reminding her how sweet she tastes.

(Learn more in our guide to talking dirty!)

3. Seductive Breath Kisses

Breath kisses are drawn from the Kama Sutra, but this updated version takes them to new heights.

Blindfold her and gently brush some lube on her inner thighs using your fingertips or a soft bristled paintbrush. Keep your strokes as soft and slow as possible as you allow the anticipation to build. Lower your head between her thighs and breathe kisses all over her wet thighs without allowing your lips to touch the surface of her skin.

Gradually work your way around her vulva (still avoiding any skin contact) allowing your breath to awaken her nerve endings as you tease her into a desirous frenzy.

4. Get to Know Her Clitoris

The clitoris is complex structure that includes legs, bulbs, a shaft, foreskin, and a head, so don’t let pressing on the head like a doorbell be your only move.

Stroke the entire vulva with a few wet fingers or massage the lower part of the pubic mound with a wet hand to stimulate the shaft. Be sure to check out The Sensual W, The Pocket and The Cross My Heart techniques designed to make this orgasmic structure palpitate with pleasure.

Put these tips into practice and you’ll know exactly how to be a sex god.

Images are for illustrative purposes only.