How AI Can Improve Sex & Relationships

By Dr. Jess Sex Tips AI is improving sex and relationships for all.

As technology continues to evolve at an exciting and alarming pace, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the dynamics of sex and relationships emerges as a topic of fascination, thrill, and concern. From the personalized insights offered by AI-driven sexual wellness products to the algorithmic matchmaking processes driving online dating, AI’s role in the intimate realm is rapidly evolving. While ethical concerns must be addressed to safeguard human experience and connection, early adoptions of AI tech in the realm of sexual wellness and relationships show exciting promise – from the bedroom to the altar to the therapist’s office and beyond. We’re excited to explore some of the latest innovations in AI, as well as some early learnings for how they might benefit our sex lives and intimate connections.

AI Tools to Improve Your Sex Life

AI has the potential to improve sex in terms of confidence, skills, and exploration of new territory. Looking to up your dirty talk and/or sexting game so that you can weave a fantasy that leaves your lover(s) feeling weak in the knees? AI has you covered. SlutBot, for example, allows you to practice dirty talk and sexting with a bot who won’t beg for nudes every other text. If you have general questions or concerns about sex and want to boost your confidence in the bedroom, there’s an AI Sex Coach for that, too. Beducated recently launched their AI Sex Coach, which, unlike ChatGPT and other apps that limit and censor language, dives deep into NSFW conversations. Whether you’re curious about squirting, seduction, or average penis size, their Sex Coach will reply in an instant with seemingly accurate and balanced responses. Of course, the efficacy and meaning of advice, tips, and insights will vary from person to person, so AI is unlikely to replace human sources of information (like me!). For those who may be too shy to ask another human or don’t have access to personalized resources, AI is a strong starting point.


Ways AI is Improving Sex & Relationships


On the relationship side, AI tools offer support to daters, couples, and singles alike. In caregiving, for example, AI may assist with recognizing and reacting to human emotion. New dating apps promise to reduce ghosting by first connecting you with a bot that gives you a feel for a potential match before you meet. Robots are being programmed to categorize and interact with emotional expression (e.g., to convey commitment, care, and companionship). And, of course, AI-powered apps like promise to improve relationships by answering questions, analyzing partner’s needs, and creating plans to help you improve your relationship. Though the app is available in beta, these types of AI supports will always present with limitations, as they cannot pick up on the nuances, tone, body language, and other cues shared in human-to-human interaction. We also see some exciting innovations in the sex toy and sexual experience space. Not only are sex toys integrating AI to improve user experience, but dolls and robots are becoming more responsive; VR sex offers a whole new world of possibilities that can be explored on your own or with a partner. You’ve likely already heard of products that respond to music and can be controlled from afar, but the latest innovations promise machine learning and smart sensors that respond to your movements and brain activity to create a more personalized experience. Along with immersive VR experiences and toys that sync with videos so that you can be a part of the action, this technology has the potential to unveil a whole new world of sexual pleasure and experiences.


With the rise of AI, it’s not surprising that it is impacting our relationship with sex


AI’s potential in the realm of sex extends beyond pleasure alone. Sexual health research and innovations may also be supported by AI. From meaningful innovations in contraception to STI modeling, AI has the potential to improve public health policy, campaigns, and resources. For example, social media data can be used to predict rates of STIs in specific areas, as evidenced by a study that mined Twitter data to assess the relationship between tweets and STI case reports. AI may also be used to analyze attitudes and behaviors related to STIs, including stigmatizing language and misinformation. This geotagged data can inform prevention and testing campaigns and resources in real-time. AI may also be used to analyze health data and identify at-risk patients to offer preventative options (e.g., pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention). Learn more about PrEP here! Of course, ethical and privacy issues need to be considered whenever health data is being analyzed, and with the pace of AI advancements, erring on the side of caution may be the best course of action. To read more about AI warnings and ethics, check out this piece in Rolling Stone.


AI may assist with recognizing and reacting to human emotion


Sexual Exploration with AI

In addition to the exciting advancements in sexual health, AI is creating new openings for interaction and companionship. Not only can you chat with a range of sex and relationship bots online, but with every passing day, options for deeper and more personalized engagement arise. For example, allows you to create your AI companion to “build a meaningful friendship, develop a passionate relationship, or learn from an insightful mentor.” And more specific to sexual pleasure, BLOOM, a platform that creates erotic audio stories, has developed a chat feature that allows you to connect with your favorite characters using AI-powered chatbots. This experience offers more immersive text and voice-based experiences for role play and real-time interaction. When you log in to Bloom’s Chat feature, you can choose which character you’d like to chat with and interact with a mix of text and audio messages. The bot asks about your desires and is programmed to be affirming and open to your fantasies. For some, this interaction may offer an ideal sexual experience, and for others, it has the potential to provide a practice ground before exploring new fantasies with a human partner. In response to concerns regarding machines replacing humans with the rise of AI, Bloom offers assurances that voice actors, writers, and illustrators are fairly compensated with the option to sign on with licensing models.

As AI platforms continue to multiply and evolve at an exciting and alarming pace, it is essential to consider the ethics and limitations, as we’re already seeing some of the pitfalls and discrimination inherent to the technology. Preliminary research suggests that while relationships with bots can involve intimacy, commitment, and passion similar to human-to-human interactions, these human-to-machine interactions may also erode trust and social connection. So, while we proceed with enthusiasm, we also proceed with caution to ensure that in embracing new technology, we’re doing so in an ethical way that prioritizes our overall wellness – the sexual, relational, social, spiritual, and beyond.