The Best Ways to Take the Pause Out of Menopause

By ASTROGLIDE Team Menopause

Menopause can cause a host of physical changes that can be a nuisance at best to downright painful at worst. If you’re going through menopause, here are the best ways to offset unpleasant side effects.

1. Mood swings

While hormonal changes during menopause can cause some women to experience abrupt changes in mood, they’re not always severe. Simple lifestyle changes like regular exercise and a healthy diet can help to reduce mood swings. Reducing stress can stabilize mood levels, too – so try yoga or meditation to help you relax.

2. Hot flashes

As with mood swings, hot flashes differ from person to person – but eating a balanced diet and reducing stress may help control them. If you do experience hot flashes, keep cold water on hand throughout the day and readily available at night. You can also try sleeping on cotton sheets to reduce sweating, and avoid triggers like spicy foods, caffeine and cigarettes.

3. Painful sex

Painful or uncomfortable sex after menopause is often caused by vaginal dryness, the result of decreased estrogen levels in your body. A lubricant like ASTROGLIDE Gel can help to alleviate vaginal dryness during sex.

4. Loss of Libido

A decrease in sex drive can be caused by many physical conditions, but the psychological factors are often overlooked.

Perhaps concerns about aging have made you more self-conscious, or changes in your family or relationships have put a strain on your sex life. Yoga, stretching and other exercises can help you reduce worry and increase confidence. Be sure to check with your doctor to rule out heart disease, diabetes or another illness as a cause of decreased libido.

5. Weight gain

Most women tend to gain weight as they grow older, but a healthy diet and exercise can limit the amount. There are also herbal supplements available that can help balance hormone levels and curb weight gain. Talk to your doctor to develop a plan that’s right for you.

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