The Top 5 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

By ASTROGLIDE Team Sexual Health

Purported aphrodisiacs have ranged from the silly (oysters, anyone?) to the downright dangerous (Spanish fly can kill you. Not worth it.) And while there are plenty of pills that promise to get you in the mood and increase blood flow, you don’t always know what you’re getting — and unfortunately, while there are different options for men, there aren’t a ton of options for women in that department.

So what can you do if you want to get down, but your libido is slacking off? If you’re looking for a prescription-free sex drive boost, these four natural aphrodisiacs will help do the trick, without making you sick.

1.  Hit the gym.The Top 5 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

This is one natural aphrodisiac that will benefit your life both in and out of the sack.

Getting in a good workout can help your sex drive in multiple ways. First, movement helps to stimulate blood flow all over your body, and blood flow to your downstairs is an important aspect of the sexual response cycle.

Secondly, those feel-good endorphins you get after a great run or lifting session can reduce any stress that can stop your libido dead in its tracks.

Plus, the added confidence of watching your muscles grow can inspire you to be bold in the bedroom, and increase libido, showing off your skin, striking sexy poses and trying new, more physically challenging moves.

LTR or married sex starting to bore you? Switch it up with some acrobatic positions that will excite both men and women.

One more thing: If you go right from the weight bench to the bedroom, you can benefit from the increase in testosterone hormone levels you can get from a heavy bench press or squat. Testosterone can raise libido in both women and men, so get thee to a barbell!

Plus, these five workouts can increase sexual stamina, so you can increase blood flow and go longer than ever.

2.  Read some erotica.

The brain is your most important sexual organ, so sometimes the best natural aphrodisiac is to jog the imagination.

Has it been a while since you felt that surge of passion that makes sex happen? Try heading over to GoodReads and see what’s highly rated in the world of erotica and literature with aphrodisiac qualities. If you’re new to sexy literature, the user reviews and genres can help guide your next fantasy.

Plus, the dialogue can help you level up your dirty talk game, which can also liven things up when LTR or married sex gets dull.

2.  Experiment with a massage.

Massage isn’t just a great excuse to get your hands all over your partner’s naked bod — it’s also a great natural aphrodisiac.

Too stressed to get turned on? The relaxation of a good massage can help you focus more on physical intimacy and less on your work deadlines. Plus, massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which can lead to sexual arousal and increased hormone levels in itself, even if you haven’t gone near your partner’s goodies yet.

Read our guide to giving the world’s sexiest massage so you can add in those aphrodisiac qualities to take your rub-down to the next level.

4.  Break out the chocolate.

Chocolate has long been one of the foods reputed as a natural aphrodisiac.

Why? It purportedly triggers the brain to produce norepinephrine (which gets your heart racing) and dopamine, a natural pleasure chemical that can work to increase libido.

Unfortunately, the jury’s still out on whether chocolate is one of the aphrodisiac foods that are as tantalizing as some studies promise, but this is one natural aphrodisiac that we’re willing to take a chance on. Try taking turns feeding each other some rich dark chocolate in the most seductive way possible. If nothing else, you’re still eating dark chocolate, and that’s a win in our book.

5. Of course, our favorite natural aphrodisiac is organic, oil-based lube!

Even with all these aphrodisiacs, including different foods and beyond, it’s hard to feel sexy and get blood circulation going without lubrication.

Don’t let a little dryness keep you down when your sex drive is otherwise revved up. Sometimes, just feeling wet — even if it’s from a bottle — can send that signal to your brain that says, “Let’s go.”

ASTROGLIDE O is the ultimate natural aphrodisiac for men and women alike, combining organic, plant-based oils, including ylang ylang essential oil, itself considered a natural aphrodisiac. Read more about oil-based personal lubricants here, and try a free sample for yourself.

Remember that oil-based lube isn’t safe to use with latex condoms. If you need a non-oil-based alternative, read on.

Once you’ve pulled all the stops, lube up!

If you want a bit of extra tingle, a warming lube might be your personal aphrodisiac. If you’re planning a long night, silicone lube is your best friend. Whatever your pleasure, there’s a personal lube for you.

What do you do to get in the mood? What’s your favorite way to spice up LTR or married sex? Let us know by tweeting us @ASTROGLIDE!


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