6 Tips For Spicing Up A Long-Term Relationship

By ASTROGLIDE Team Relationships

Long-term relationships don’t nurture themselves and require attention to keep things exciting. The good news is that it’s not difficult to inject some passion back into your partnership. Here are our best tips for spicing up a long-term relationship.

1. Plan ahead.

Planning sex may seem counterintuitive to keeping things steamy, but as relationships go on, it’s important to be proactive so intimacy doesn’t wane. Best of all, sex usually begets more sex. So put a time on the calendar and stick to it.

2. Put down the phone.

Technology can be wonderful. Just not always in the bedroom. Continually checking your Instagram or sending texts at bedtime can quickly become a major intimacy killer. So turn off your phones before hitting the sheets and you’ll find your fingers reaching for something more satisfying.

3. Change up your sex play.

You change your hairstyle when you feel it’s getting tired. Sex play is no different. Avoid the rut by introducing some new tricks to your repertoire. Try a new toy or a waterproof lube. Add some role-play to the mix. It all helps to keep things fresh and fun.

4. Touch each other, everywhere.

Skin contains millions of nerve endings, all of which respond to pressure, warmth and vibration. So be affectionate when you’re together. Hold hands, rub his leg or arm, or brush your foot against his under the table. It’ll keep you connected, and can lead to some fun and carefree foreplay.

5. Go dancing.

Or tandem skydiving, or any other activity that will get your body moving and adrenaline pumping. Remember when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Sharing these kinds of experiences while in close contact with your partner simulates that rush you felt when you first met.

6 Tips For Spicing Up A Long-Term Relationship

6. Be spontaneous.

The unexpected can be a powerful aphrodisiac. So don’t hold back when the mood strikes. Start randomly giving your partner a massage while you’re streaming a movie. Send a sexy text in the middle of the day. Go with your gut and the rest of your body will soon follow.

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