5 Simple Tinder Profile Tips That’ll Make ‘Em Swipe Right

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How is your Tinder game? No matter what dating app you’re on, we have thoughts on creating a good online dating profile to get the attention of a potential match. Here are five simple Tinder tips to make ’em swipe right.

1. Show more, say less.

Sure, your potential match will want to know you’re smart and caring with a great sense of humor but Tinder is a very visual online dating platform. Rather than state your best traits in your profile, represent them in your photos and profile pic. Snap pictures while you’re volunteering at an animal shelter or pose near a funny sign that reveals your sense of humor.

2. Keep your “About Me” short and simple.

It’s good to know how to make a difference in creating the perfect tinder bio versus a bad bio. You might be tempted to use your Tinder profile to convey as much information as possible. But it’s better to leave some room for intrigue. Keep the text in your Tinder profile bio to a minimum – or run the risk of looking like a self-absorbed blowhard who doesn’t know when to stop talking. Try including a question in your profile for a conversation starter.

3. Avoid group photos.

Nothing is worse than looking through a potential partner’s group photos and having to figure out which one they are. You definitely want to avoid using any kind of group shot for your profile picture. You want your potential date to look at you, so don’t let your friends become a distraction (especially if they’re also good-looking)!

4. Reveal your hobbies and interests.

It can be very tempting to rely solely on mirror selfies that show off the body you worked so hard for. But Tinder users also want to know if you have anything in common. Love the outdoors? Take a nice photo while you’re on a hike. Big fan of modern art? Point that out in your profile. It’s nice for a girl to know you have something interesting going on in your life, and it’ll give you plenty to talk about on a first date.

5. Smile!

We’re all attracted to happy people. A nice smile makes you look approachable, friendly, and fun! Don’t be afraid to show off those pearly whites, or they might be afraid to contact you. Seriously though, teeth are a big selling point to some people, so you’ll want to show them in at least one of them in your dating profile. Lastly, if you like to wear hats make sure you include a picture of you without a hat on. You’ll want to eliminate any sort of doubt.

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