4 Date Ideas That Double As Workouts

By ASTROGLIDE Team Dating Advice


As you paddle through tranquil, open water, you and your date can focus on each other with no distractions. Take turns sitting in the front of the kayak so that each of you gets a view of the other’s body.

Kayaking also makes for an intense upper body workout, so you can both develop stronger muscles.


Taking surfing lessons together provides an adrenaline rush that can make you and your date feel closer. It’s also a great way to strengthen your core and work toward killer abs.

If you’re a stronger surfer than your partner, show them the ropes. They’ll find your skill and patience sexy. 4 Date Ideas That Double As Workouts


This combination of yoga and acrobatics is a great way to bond with your partner as you try something new together. You’ll both build strength and flexibility, which always come into play during sex.

Relying on your date for balance also helps to build trust between you, a vital component of any healthy relationship.


From salsa to swing, dancing with your partner can build a stronger romance. If you’re both novices, learning a new skill (and possibly looking silly together) will help you form a closer bond. If you’re experts, you’ll love how sexy you both feel. Either way, you’ll learn to become more in sync with your partner’s rhythm and body movements.

Choose a class with music you’re both into – then, recreate the moves at home while you’re alone.


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