17 Unique Romantic Gifts

By ASTROGLIDE Team Relationships

If you don’t want to settle for tired standbys like flowers, jewelry, chocolate and engraved watches this year, but you’re having a hard time coming up with something truly special, read on. We’ve got some great romantic gift ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Gifts for Men

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, some men can be particularly hard to shop for. If you’re looking for meaningful gift ideas that your boyfriend  or husband will actually be excited about, remember that the most perfect romantic gift is the one that shows you really understand him. Consider gifts that pertain to his interests and look particularly for things that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.

Exotic Car Experience

There is no better feeling than giving someone a present that makes them really and truly lose their minds with excitement. If your guy is a car person, this might be just that kind of perfect gift. Companies like Xtreme Xperience hold events across the country where car enthusiasts get the chance to push exotic cars (think Lamborghinis and Ferraris) to their limit on a race track. Give your man this once in a lifetime experience and it will go down as one of your best Christmas gift ideas of all time.

Sports Stadium and Arena Cufflinks

Made from real pieces of some of the most storied sports venues in the country, these cufflinks from Cufflinks Depot are one of the coolest gifts for men that we’ve seen. From real parquet from the old floor of the Boston Garden to wood from a real stadium seat in Wrigley Field, each of these sterling silver cufflinks are inlaid with a genuine piece of sports history. These unique cufflinks are something that the sports fan in your life will be sure to treasure for years to come.

Home Brewing Kit

For the craft beer lover in your life, the opportunity to try their hand at brewing could be an exciting new hobby. A home-brewing kit will provide your guy with everything he needs to get started. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and help him make your own specially labeled batch to enjoy together, you might even find that this is one of the most romantic gifts you’ve ever given.

Gifts for Men Under $25

Whether you and your guy just started seeing each other or you’re just trying to keep it simple this year, here are some unique and romantic Christmas gift ideas for under $25:

Sword-hilted Umbrella – The perfect gift for your knight in shining armor, this unique umbrella is as functional as it is fun.

Personalized BBQ Branding Iron – When it comes to gifts for men, anything involving steak is usually a perfect way to his heart. Make him a steak dinner with a sweet message on top and then let him keep the branding iron to spice up his own BBQ in the future.

Mustache Beer Guard – This fun gift lets the bearded guy in your life know that you want his lips to be kiss-ready at all times.

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Gifts for Women

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to Christmas gift ideas, jewelry is a little played out. Anyone can go down to the jewelry store and pick up a little something sparkly, but the most romantic gift ideas are the ones that show her that you really put some time and thought into it. If you’re looking to really knock her socks off this year, here are a few killer ideas:

A Chance to Explore Her Passion

Chances are there is some hobby that your lady would like to take up or a skill that she would like to develop. Maybe she gave up horseback riding in college and has been dying to get back into it or maybe she’s mentioned that she’d love to learn to cook French cuisine. Whatever her interest, find somewhere nearby that offers classes and pay for the first few. Showing the lady in your life that you support her passions is one of the most personalized romantic gifts you can give her.

Girls’ Spa Day

If you’re looking for great Christmas gift ideas for a hardworking woman, a day at the spa is always a safe bet. Make this day extra special by booking an appointment for her best friend, too. She’ll love getting to spend the day unwinding with her bestie and you’ll score major bonus points with her friends. Have dinner waiting for her when she gets home and you will have knocked this thoughtful romantic gift idea out of the park.

Gifts for Women Under $25

If you’re looking for unique and romantic Christmas ideas for the special woman in your life, but you need to stick to a budget, this list is a great place to start:

Deluxe Bath Bombs – This is not your grandma’s bubble bath. This luxurious bath bomb will fill your lady’s tub with brilliant colors and incredible aromas as she relaxes and unwinds.

Bathtub Wineglass Holder – Even better when paired with the bath bombs, this handy little glass holder will turn her bathtub into her favorite vacation destination. If you play your cards right, she might even ask you to join her for a romantic evening.

Milestone Wine Labels – For newly married or engaged couples, these wine labels are a great way to let your wife or girlfriend know how excited you are about spending your life with her. If you’re not engaged yet, you can make your own with milestones coming up for you over the next year like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or any other special occasion.

Personalized Wooden Photo – Digital technology has made taking and sharing pictures so much easier, but there is still something special about a physical photograph. Take it one step further and get her favorite picture of you on this personalized wooden keepsake.

Romantic Gifts You Can Both Enjoy

For couples, often the most romantic gifts are the gifts that you can enjoy together. If you want to give your partner a great gift that they won’t soon forget, pass on the traditional Christmas gift ideas this year and instead give your partner the gift of a sexy and unique romantic gift experience that you can share.

Massage Kit

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for couples, there’s no simpler or sexier gift that you can give your partner than a really amazing massage. Let your partner know that you are ready to indulge them with a steamy romantic evening of pampering by giving them a massage kit with everything you need to give a killer massage. Your kit could include things like candles, champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, some soft and sexy music, an essential oil diffuser, and some hot stones. Just don’t forget a really great massage oil to help relax your partner’s muscles and cut down on friction during their long rub down.

Boudoir/Dudoir Photo Session

Lots of women enjoy doing sexy lingerie or boudoir photoshoots and giving the pictures to their partners as romantic gifts. But this sexy idea isn’t just for ladies — lately, guys have been getting in on the action, too. More and more photographers are beginning to offer “dudoir” photo sessions as well. Consider scheduling a sexy photoshoot for both of you. Do it together or schedule them separately and exchange the photos later as a surprise. Both of you will enjoy having such sensual, intimate pictures of each other for years to come.

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Wine Subscription

In our busy lives, sometimes one of the romantic gifts that you can give is the gift of time. Sign your partner up for a monthly wine subscription service like Club W and get a few bottles of wine sent to them each month. Along with the subscription information include a note letting them know that you promise to set aside a couple of hours each week where you will turn off your phone and reconnect while you enjoy the wine together.

Romantic Gifts You Can Both Enjoy for Under $25

There are lots of fun and sexy experiences you can share with your partner without breaking the bank. Here are some romantic Christmas gift ideas for couples that will be easy on your bottom line:

“Netflix and Chill” Kit

If you already have Netflix, all you need to do is put together a basket with a bottle of wine or champagne, a fuzzy, fleece blanket, and some candy or popcorn. Just don’t forget to add in a bottle of ASTROGLIDE so your partner knows that you have more than just a movie night on your mind. We can even hook you up with a free sample of ASTROGLIDE so you have more money to spend on the rest of your gift.

Stargazing Kit

This gift idea is very similar to the “Netflix and chill” idea, but this time take the fun outside. Download a star chart app on your smartphone and take your bottle of wine and blanket out to where you can see the stars. Stargazing can be a little chilly in the winter, but low humidity means clear skies and great conditions for seeing the stars. Snuggle up and map out the constellations together and you’ll quickly see that this is one of the most romantic gifts you’ve ever given.

We hope this list helped you come up with some great Christmas gift ideas for your significant other. Are there any romantic gifts that you think we should have included? What is the most thoughtful gift that you’ve ever received? Let us know by tweeting us @ASTROGLIDE with your ideas.



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