30 Sexy Gift Ideas You Can Get at Walmart

By ASTROGLIDE Team Relationships

10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend

Looking for something that will impress the special lady in your life? Whether you’re short on time, cash, or both, here are 10 sexy gift ideas to keep in mind for her birthday, Valentine’s Day or a just-because day.

1. Candles

According to WebMD, experts think aromatherapy may work by prompting the release of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin. For example, a person who smells lavender might enjoy the scent because it makes them feel relaxed and less anxious. In one study, researchers found that lavender helped improve sleep and ease depression.

Not only do scented candles offer the benefits of aromatherapy, but they’re sexy to boot. Dim the lights, burn a candle or two, and see how the evening unfolds. You can find a wide variety of scents at big box and drug stores. Candles make a great sexy gift for a wife, girlfriend, or romantic interest you’d like to get closer to.

A romantic candle decorated with hearts


2. Lingerie

Most women love fun and flirty underwear, but they don’t always splurge and buy it for themselves. One reason? It can be really expensive if you shop at specialty stores.

Fortunately, you don’t have to head to the mall or go online to find sexy lingerie. Walmart might not be your first choice for a naughty bra and panty set, but you might be surprised what you can find there. Pick a slinky teddy or a see-through baby doll nightie. The prices are so affordable, you can probably grab more than one and have your partner play dress up later.

3. Bath Oil

Soaking in a warm bath at the end of a long day can do everybody good. Retail stores like Walmart and Target stock entire aisles with bath bombs, oils and other goodies that make bath time an exercise in relaxation.

If you pick the right combo of sexy bath oils, you could even end up moving the show into the shower for a bout of steamy shower sex. For a sexy time around water, you’ll want a long-lasting, silicone-based lube like ASTROGLIDE X Silicone Liquid.

4. Scented Lotion

Like lingerie, scented lotion can be pricey if you buy it from specialty shops in the mall. You can find a huge selection of enticing scented lotions on the shelves at Walmart or the drug store. Grab a cute woven basket, line it with a soft hand towel, and then fill it with a bunch of different scents.

5. Perfume

You don’t need to shop at department stores to find high-quality fragrances. Walmart and other retailers stock an impressive mix of scents to suit every taste, whether your girl likes bold, passionate scents or fragrances with light, floral notes.

6. Sex Toys for Her

Many ladies love their vibrators. While you might not see a huge selection of sex toys or the perfect vibrator at Walmart or the drug store, you can definitely find something to set off a few fireworks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment — sex toys don’t have to be expensive or fancy to be effective. Trust us.

Sexy gift idea for her: a vibrator

7. New Jammies

Not everyone loves lingerie. Just because the lady in your life like cuddling up in something soft and fuzzy doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy together. A comfy new pajama set can be the perfect gift for cozying up on the sofa.

glycerin and paraben free lube

8. Lube for Her

As researchers from Indiana University state, “most American women have used lubricant.” In one study, they found that women use lube for a variety of reasons, including “to make sex more comfortable, fun, and pleasurable and to decrease discomfort/pain.”

The best drug store lube is the one that feels right for the individual person. Everyone has their own preferences, which is why ASTROGLIDE makes formulas that suit a variety of needs. For example, our Ultra Gentle Gel is hypoallergenic and provides a smooth, silky feel. ASTROGLIDE Glycerin & Paraben Free Liquid is hydrating and soothing.

Can’t pick just one lube for her? Why not grab a bunch? You can also score a free sample on us. If you want to show her a truly mind-blowing night, you can start by reading up on female orgasms, including the differences between vaginal and clitoral orgasms.

9. Lipstick

Want to get a little lippy? Buy her a bunch of lipsticks in various shades. It’s the kind of gift that just begs for some creative oral sex positions. If it’s chilly outside, throw in a few soothing lip balms, so her lips stay hydrated and moisturized.

10. New Sheets

Okay, so bedding might not be the first thing that springs to mind when searching for a sexy gift, but hear us out. Nothing’s better than sliding into a bed made up with crisp, new sheets. Choose some silk or satin sheets to ramp up the sexy factor even higher.

10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Need a sexy gift for him? While most “sexy gift idea” lists are targeted toward women, we have it on good authority that men like to receive presents, too. Weird, right?

Whether you need a sexy gift for your boyfriend, husband, or something special for a new flame, here are 10 sexy gift ideas for guys.

two men laying down kissing

1. Condoms

Condoms are great for preventing pregnancy and the spread of STDs, but they can also make for a sexy gift. As far as blatant invitations to the bedroom go, it doesn’t get more obvious than a box (or two) of condoms wrapped in some fun paper and tied with a bow.

These days, you can find condoms in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even flavors. Check out our ultimate guide to condoms before you make your shopping list.

(Our tip? Try something without latex if you haven’t already!)

2. Beard Oil

Sure, not every guy has full-on Grizzly Adams facial hair, but beards have, ah, grown in popularity in recent years. The New York Times also reports that women are most attracted to men with heavy stubble.

Whether your man has a soul patch, stubble, or a beard that would make a lumberjack jealous, you can find a good selection of facial hair care products at Walmart.

3. Create a Sexy Sleepover

This isn’t the kind of sleepover you remember from childhood. Head to the camping section and pick up some sleeping bags, blankets and a lantern safe for indoor use. Turn your guy’s living room or den into a cozy campout for two, and then turn the lights down.

4. Flavored Lube

couple having sex on counter with flowersTreat him to a sweet seduction of the senses with flavored lube like our Sensual Strawberry Liquid. Giving or receiving, your intimate activities will taste and smell delicious!

5. Boxers (or Briefs)

If your guy’s underwear drawer is looking a little ragged, it might be time for an underwear refresh. Buy him some new boxers, briefs, or maybe even something a little naughty, then have him model his new threads.

6. Make Your Own Boudoir Album

Boudoir photos are a fabulous sexy gift, but booking a professional photographer can be expensive. If you have a smartphone, however, you can easily create a boudoir album on your own.

Head to Walmart or your favorite local big box store and buy some lingerie and sexy outfits, along with a nice photo album. At home, use your phone’s delay settings to take photos of yourself in various sexy poses. There’s no photographer to worry about, so you get to be totally uninhibited. We promise your partner will appreciate it.

7. Sex Toys for Him

You can find a decent selection of vibrators and personal massagers at Walmart or the drug store. Pleasure rings, which fit around the shaft, may also enhance a man’s pleasure during sex or other types of play. Whether you need a sexy gift for a boyfriend, husband, or partner, sex toys can make for a surprise he won’t forget anytime soon.

8. Make a Sexy Coupon Book

If your budget is tight, you can still show your guy a good time with a sexy coupon book. Look for template ideas online, and then cruise your local Walmart aisles for some basic art supplies. Make these coupons items he’ll be excited to use. Ideas include a free massage, you in the sexy outfit of his choice, or an evening in bed with his favorite dessert (and you on the side).

9. Lube for Him

There are certain hand jobs you can only do with lube. For a night he won’t forget anytime soon, try ASTROGLIDE X Silicone Gel, a no-drip, silky, and extremely long-lasting lube.

10. Chocolate

When most people think of chocolate as a gift, they envision a man giving it to a woman — usually as a last-minute purchase on Valentine’s Day. However, as we explain in our post about natural aphrodisiacs, chocolate is known to give your sex drive a boost.

Stores like Walmart often carry gourmet chocolate, so you can splurge a little on something more decadent than the average candy bar.

10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Couples

While it’s better to give than to receive, who says you can’t do a little of both? Dr. Jess, ASTROGLIDE’s resident sexologist, has 10 super sexy gift ideas for couples to share.

couple having sex on counter with flowers

1. Massage Oil

Massage offers a number of benefits, including reduced stress and fewer headaches. It also feels amazing, which makes a sensual massage a great prelude to sex.

Of course, it’s much easier to get things moving if you use massage oil. ASTROGLIDE O is an organic, plant-based massage oil that doubles as a lubricant, so you can go right from a rubdown to more interesting activities.

2. Emery Boards

Like things a little rough? As Dr. Jess explains, emery boards can be a fun way to introduce some sensory experiences into the bedroom. You might not ordinarily hit up the nail care aisle to shop for sexy gifts, but we promise you’ll never look at emery boards the same way again.

3. Fly Swatters

You don’t need to be Christian Grey to introduce kink into your sex life. Fly swatters can be the perfect addition to your S&M toy box.

4. Belts, Neckties and Scarves (Oh My!)

Dr. Jess also recommends checking out the belt or tie section for some fun ways to try bondage in the bedroom. You can also try scarves as restraints. However, she says it’s important to be safe.

“Always make sure that the restraints are loose enough that the captive can move around a little to ensure comfort and adequate circulation. Be sure that you can run a finger easily between the bond and their skin to avoid nerve damage and promote circulation during sex play. Depending on how you position yourselves during kinky sex play, you may have to adjust your restraints to ensure that neither of you ends up lying or leaning against a knot with considerable pressure for a prolonged period of time.”

5. Saran Wrap

It’s not just for saving leftovers. As Dr. Jess says, “[Saran wrap] sticks to itself, so it can be used for some gentle bondage.”

6. Sleeping Mask

Sometimes, sensory deprivation can heighten the other senses. According to Dr. Jess, it can also eliminate other distractions in the bedroom, so you and your partner can focus on each other.

7. Firm Pillows

Dr. Jess says that firm pillows “are perfect for discovering new positions.” She recommends piling them on the floor or using them to prop up your hips, legs or torso. “You’ll likely discover new angles of pleasure.”

8. Clothespins or Bobby Pins

Regular clothespins or bobby pins can double as clamps. Dr. Jess advises against serrated edges, though. “Just be sure to use clamps with smooth-surfaces, as the serrated edges can cut into your skin producing more pain (and damage) than you set out for.”

9. Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys aren’t just for solo play. You can find his, hers, and theirs sex toys at most stores like Walmart. See our guide to sex toys for couples for ideas and tips on what to look for. Pro Tip: For enhanced pleasure, use a water-based lubricant with toys. ASTROGLIDE Toy ‘n Joy is one of our best lubes for sex toys as it was specifically tested to be safe on most sex toy materials and surfaces and cleans up easily.

10. Lube

Lube is the ultimate sexy gift. It’s great for all types of play, from hand jobs and blow jobs to massage and penetration. You can find a full range of ASTROGLIDE products at Walmart, the drug store, and similar places.

Not sure which lube to choose?

Why not try them all? Get a free sample of ASTROGLIDE and let us know what you think by tweeting us @ASTROGLIDE.