4 Reasons Being Sex Positive Rules

Sexual Health

We are so in love with the sex-positive movement. Haven’t heard of it? Being sex-positive basically means that you celebrate all sexual activity that is consensual as being fundamentally healthy and good – and it’s as great as it sounds. Being sex-positive not only allows you to enjoy your sexuality more, but it can have some really wonderful effects on the other areas of your life, as well. Here are four reasons why being sex-positive rules:

You Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

It’s amazing how much can change when you take the sexual shame out of the equation. When you fully embrace being sex-positive, you can suddenly feel much more comfortable with your sexual needs and desires. Regarding sexual activity as a healthy and integral part of the human experience makes it easier to ask for what you want and to indulge in your own pleasure. With the sex-positivity movement comes a sort of sexual liberation from antiquated moral judgment about what was considered “healthy sex.” The sex-positive people are all about celebrating diversity in sexual diversity with a variety of sexual orientations, sexual identities, and sexual preferences.

You’re Better Educated

The sex-positive movement’s focus on consensual sexual activity has the added bonus of resulting in people who are better educated about sexuality. After all, in order to consent to something you need to be fully informed, right? From an extensive understanding of the clitoris to the best lube to use with condoms, sex-positive people tend to know their stuff – and they put all that knowledge to very good use. When various forms of sexual expression are accepted and celebrated, people tend to be open to learning more about different types of sexual pleasure.

sex positive couple

It Makes You A Better Friend

Whether the new guy you’re dating has a quirky fetish or you and your girlfriend of a year just tried something new in bed – at one time or another we all have some serious sexual tea to spill. In those moments, you need a friend who can lend an ear, a high five, or some much-needed advice without inserting any type of moral judgment about a person’s sexual experiences. When you’re sex-positive, you can be that friend for other people (and when it’s your turn, they’ll be there for you).

It Makes You a Better Lover

What makes for a great lover? Is it relishing in giving and receiving pleasure? Is it being well educated about sex and sexuality? Is it being comfortable with yourself and understanding of others? If you said “all of the above,” you’d be right. Sex positive people are all of those things and that makes them fantastic lovers.

Being sex positive is a frame of mind, and like anything else, it can take practice. If you’re not there yet, be patient and just focus on gently retraining yourself to think of sex in a more positive way and remove any negative stigma about sexual behavior. You’ll get there. The most important part of any journey is making the decision to start – and we could not be more excited for you. We can even send you some free lube to celebrate.

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