ASTROGLIDE Gives NYC Its Biggest Orgasm Ever

Studies suggest that the “pleasure gap” is even wider than the wage gap. With their new campaign, ASTROGLIDE hopes to bring equality to the bedroom.

January 31, 2019 – New York City, NY – If you’re strolling through the heart of SoHo next week you might notice something looming large on Watts St. between Thompson and 6th. At 16’W x 3’H, the “orgasm” in ASTROGLIDE’s new billboard encouraging passersby to “Fake Fur, Not Orgasms”, is one of the biggest that New York City has ever seen — and that’s exactly what the popular lube brand is going for.

Studies have shown that almost 80% of women have faked an orgasm with their partner, and men tend to overestimate their female partners’ pleasure in bed,” says ASTROGLIDE representative, Michele Havner. “The result is a significant ‘orgasm gap.’ Quite simply, women aren’t having as many orgasms as their male partners — and we believe it’s time to change that.”

With their new campaign, ASTROGLIDE is tackling the issue of orgasm equality head-on. The goal is to empower women — and the people who love them — to have frank and open conversations about female pleasure and what it takes for a woman to climax in bed. “The world would be a better place if pleasure were equal, and that’s our audacious goal with this campaign: more orgasms,” explains Havner.

As a female-led company (both the CEO and head of marketing are women), ASTROGLIDE aims to lead the conversations around women’s pleasure. However, establishing true orgasm equality will involve more than just awareness and better communication. It will take a greater understanding of the factors that help women find their climax — and ASTROGLIDE has that covered, as well.

Studies have shown that increased lubrication can help women experience more sexual pleasure and satisfaction in bed,” says Dr. Angela Jones, a board certified OBGYN and ASTROGLIDE’s Resident Sexual Health Advisor. “I see it all the time in my practice — the use of a personal lubricant helps many of my female patients find sex more enjoyable and orgasms easier to achieve.”

In order to further explore the issue of pleasure inequality, ASTROGLIDE has launched with a short survey. The goal of this survey is to round out the data on the “orgasm gap”. To say thank you for doing the survey, all participants will be sent a free sample of lube!

Women deserve to be treated as equals in their relationships, in the workplace, and in the bedroom — and the time to have these “let’s get real” conversations is now. As ASTROGLIDE’s new campaign boldly declares, “Life Is Too Short To Fake It.”



ASTROGLIDE is the flagship product of BioFilm, Inc., a privately-held company founded in 1991 that manufactures and distributes exceptional personal care products that enhance the quality of life of all who use them. BioFilm continually researches consumer needs to develop innovative, high-quality personal care products.

Headquartered in Vista, CA, BioFilm’s manufacturing facility is home to sales, marketing, research & development, quality control, regulatory affairs, and distribution.

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